Friday, November 29, 2013

No Birdshot , No Ammunition , No One is Dead in #Cairo University “+18”

Yesterday security forces opened its fire , its birdshot and its tear gas in the Campus of Cairo University in a scene I never thought I would see after January 25.
Al Masry TV : Clashes between protesters and security forces. The newspaper considered the protesters to be MB alone by the way.
Originally the protests erupted in several universities yesterday in solidarity of the 11 girls in Alexandria.They were not MB students protesting alone this time , there were students who are against the MB as well against military who had enough. It is not longer Muslim Brotherhood Students as some are trying to claim deceiving themselves before the public. Anyhow police forces came to disperse this protest especially that it started to head to Al Nahda square. Sooner the security forces began to fire teargas, bird shots and even live ammunition inside the campus itself as pictures and videos show.
The result of this !? A freshman called Mohamed Reda in the faculty of engineering was killed after being shot three times by live ammunition according to the forensic report issued last night officially.Reda was an A Student who is apolitical focusing on his study for God sake.
Here is a video showing late Mohamed Reda dying in the university.
The Martyr of the faculty of engineering
I think that he is the first student to die in campus of Cairo university in clashes with security forces if I am not mistaken.
His funeral was huge today.
There are other students in critical condition , there is a student who lost his eye. 
Now the fall of the so-called Revolutionary minister of higher Hossam Eissa who is denying that there was birdshot fired by the security forces inside the campus despite. Just like former speaker of the Parliament , leading MB figure and leader of Freedom and Justice Party Saad El Katatany said that there were no MOI’s birdshot used against protesters , minister Eissa says that there was no birdshot used in campus but rather a type of bullets that only tickles !! Tickles my ass !!!!

A Car inside the Campus , this is birdshot
Dr. Eissa I feel very sad for you , extremely sad for you honestly.

Of course the ministry of interior is claiming that the MB protesters were using the birdshots. Already now the detained students arrested yesterday are being accused of shooting their colleague late Mohamed Reda.
Late Mohamed Reda
By the way legend says that young Hossam Eissa had a first incident with Gamal Abdel Nasser when he was a student in the university where he stood and criticized him in his face eloquently !!! I do not know if this is true or not but Eissa is well known Nasserite. What is sadly and ironically speaking about the fallen Alaa Abdel Fatah when he was summoned by prosecutor general in Morsi’s rule !!
revolutionary is that he defended
Things will not calm down in Cairo University next week. After all Mohamed Reda is the second student in the faculty of engineering in Cairo University.
Things actually won’t calm down in Universities especially whether in Cairo University or University of Alexandria or Ain Shams University or Al Azhar University.
The Cairo University student union already announced that it would suspend its activity till the dismissal of minister Hossam Eissa and to have a full transparent investigation about the clashes. 
Cairo university’s faculty of engineering Student union announced yesterday that it would call for an open strike in the faculty starting from Sunday. The union also stated in a statement it issued that it called all the student unions of the other unions for a waiting on Friday at the engineers syndicate to discuss what they could do for an escalation. Again Reda is the second
Of course you got Al Azhar University and its Islamist students who got their detainees as well martyrs killed in the past clashes.
In Ain Shams University the faculty of engineering there , the famous faculty’s students union held a strike for a whole week in the midterms in solidarity of the detained students from the faculty regardless of their political affiliation. Despite they suspended their strike yesterday , I believe what happened in Cairo university will echo soon in Ain Shams.
By the way FYI the Students unions are not controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood,actually last elections during Morsi’s rule the Non Islamist Revolutionary Civilian movements and parties had a historical win against the Islamists as well the Ruling Party in general.

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