Sunday, December 1, 2013

Please Do Not Consider them Egyptians , Do Not Treat them as Egyptians !!

It is not enough that the Syrian refugees suffer a lot in Egypt and that they are deported after being humiliated in Alexandria and Behaira police stations for trying to leave the country , now they are tortured too !!

This photo is from Karmouz police station where a group of Syrian refugees are detained for attempting to migrate to Europe illegally. This is a photo was taken last week at the police station by Dr. Taher Mukhtar , an Egyptian doctor and activist in Alexandria.
Flogging as well torture are already prohibited last time I checked in the Egyptian law.
We know that this is the usual treatment for Egyptians in the police stations but these are refugees for God sake who fled death in their own country and were ready to die in the sea to flee this country as well  !!
I feel angry, ashamed and sad.
Latest thing from Syrian refugees detained in Alexandria and Behaira's police stations is that a group of them  have all started a hunger strike in order to make their voice heard by the international community. They want one demand : They want to leave Egypt for some European country preferably Sweden.
Already two groups of them have been detained in Alexandria and Behaira for more than 2 months refusing to be deported to Syria again and it seems that no other country wants them.
Things are getting worse for them especially that winter is here. The Syrian women and children refugees in Idku Police station are put in some sort of tent that can't resist rain. I do not know where the UNHCR from this. Here is a video I got from there showing the refugees cleaning that tent from rain.

Our minister of foreign affairs is holding a meeting with human rights organizations allegedly on Tuesday to discuss what they can do for the Syrian refugees in Egypt. Well I advise the MOFA instead of talking to human rights activists , they should talk to the ministry of interior and urge that ministry to stop humiliating the refugees and torturing them .. they are not Egyptians for God !!
By the way I can not ignore this fantastic report about the hard times the Syrians are witnessing Egypt especially after 30 June made by Yosri Fouda's Last Talk investigate team.It was aired on ONTV last Wednesday. I wish it was translated in English.


  1. Exactly, for God's sake they have it bad enough.My heart aches for the Syrian refugees.So much for Arab and Islamic brothers !!!

    1. Human beings. Why do you insist on more division with your "Arab and Islamic brothers?" (Not even sisters.) Until you stop viewing everything through the lens of labels and division, this kind of thing will happen. They are human beings. Not Arabs. Not Muslims. Not men. Human beings.

  2. "...they should talk to the ministry of interior and urge that ministry to stop humiliating the refugees and torturing them .. they are not Egyptians for God !!"
    What does this mean? No to Torture!

  3. The nation-state is rather good at both creating refugees and refusing refugees.

  4. Maybe the title should be "They are not Egyptians , They Treat them as Egyptians !!"

    1. It's not about the title, this is a really sad life for many people.
      god forgive us :(

  5. It was spoken, "tongue in cheek", and she didn't mean it that way. For those who don't know what this means, : (Wikipedia defines: Tongue-in-cheek is a phrase used as a figure of speech to imply that a statement or other production is humorously or otherwise not seriously intended, and it should not be taken at face value

  6. Thanks morsi, you treated Syrians with respect; offered them all governmental support. I know a lot of Syrians who are trying to escape from the f****** hell in Egypt.


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