Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Huge explosion hits Mansoura security directorate

Huge explosion has hit Mansour late night from a short time ago. The explosion was heard all over the city and even rocked the houses.
The explosion was too strong that it affected all the buildings in the area for radius of 200 meters according to the eye witnesses. At least 3 are reportedly killed and 50 have been injured. The numbers can increase. I am praying that it would remain like that. Updated at 1:38 PM:  The MOH stated the death total increased to 13 and the injured increased to over 100. It is like a war scene now in Mansoura.
The right part of the security directorate was collapsed. In fact from the photos tweep Ahmed El Shabrawy there is huge destruction as it turned out that this area got lots of old buildings there.
This is the second time a bomb attack would target the security directorate there. It is the largest so far in Egypt.
No one has claimed responsibility so far.
Of course people on twitter sitting on their asses from their homes and even from outside Mansoura as well Egypt are spreading their own analysis who stood behind the attack ad why just one hour after it takes place.
Needless to say, the Muslim Brotherhood is the primary suspect especially some claim that the decision to freeze the assets of more than 100 NGOs in Egypt on Monday most Islamist NGOs is the reason why.
Some claim that the revolutionaries are behind this because they were exposed of receiving foreign money .. etc.
The Muslim Brotherhood supporters are claiming that businessman Naguib Sawiris is behind the blast with his so-called “Christian Militia”
Some say that it is a bombed car while other sitting on their asses copying pasting from each other claim that there were three bombs !!
Yes all this has been said on the Egyptian social media in less than two hours after the blast.
Of course seeing the amount of damage in Mansoura , I would say that this had been planned for in advance from more than a week for instance. It is not something you decide on the same day.
The Muslim Brotherhood is denouncing the attack and so on but no one is buying it. Now TV channels are calling for the complete execution of the MB. 
To be honest I am thinking of Ansar Beit El Maqdus , the militant Salafist Jihadist group in Sinai. Already their operations reached to Cairo so I won’t be surprised that they are standing behind this attack.
May Allah bless the souls of those who were killed tonight and bring peace to the land of Egypt.
Another sad night , they are too many in the past months.

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  1. Now if this is not terrorism, then I don't know what else to call it. MB or Ansar Beit El Maqdus, that is all but the same. They are pretending to be good Muslims who do not kill other Muslims, so they simply declare them infidels and the slaughtering can start.
    Of course the regime is not any better. Hundreds were murdered in Rabaa square and the police claims self-defense as if all those victims were armed and attacking.

    Sadly, these days everything seems to be possible in Egypt. Even the Mansoura attack could be fabricated by the police to incite the public against the MB. Nobody can be trusted anymore.


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