Thursday, March 6, 2014

#KoftaGate : Let’s Burn those heretics at the Stake !! “Chapter3”

Ok I know I should not speak about this scandal more than twice but honestly I can not ignore this circus. The KoftaGate or Kofta Charade is still going on adding more dose to the usual madness we got in Egypt. Now today we got Mostafa Bakry telling us that Field Marshal El Sisi told him that there would be no HCV patient in Egypt after 5 years !! He added that 3 million HCV patients would be cured after 6 months. This is bold claim , this bold presidential promise.
First of all meet the first alleged patient to be cured from AIDS thanks to Dr. Abdel Atti.
I think investigative reporters all over the world need to know the contacts of that gentleman and try to get his medical records if we are speaking seriously.
Tahrir TV : Cured HIV patient speaks up

Throughout the weeks TV channels and newspapers began to host those who claim to be patients cured from HIV and HCV through the miraculous device. Professionally journalists should trace those patients.

Second Dr. Abdel Atti turns to be a crock according to a great investigative report in Shorouk Newspaper. The report includes testimonies of his victims. There has been no official reaction regarding this report up till now.

Third the official spokesperson Colonel Ahmed Mohamed Ali posted the email of the Engineering Authority in the armed forces for inquiries about the HCV and HIV cure for those who have an inquiry.
Now not all the scientists and doctors in Egypt are jumping in to the CCDevice wagon , some of them since day one are considering it a silly disgust charade above them interim president’s Scientific adviser Essam Heggy.
 At First Heggy wrote an angry post criticizing on how science was being portrayed in the media.

Astronauts in Eau De Cologne bottles , End of days comets and curing incurable diseases with an antenna. Unfortunately a silly image of science is portrayed in the media.
Then we got this important announcement from him as the Presidential scientific adviser.

Neither Adly Mansour Nor El Sisi knew about the devices and that the presidency urged that the army devices should comply to international scientific standards for scientific research.
Next day in exclusive statements to Al Watan Newspaper he said the HIV/HCV Cure was scandal to Egypt.
Oh yes and this put the army in a very bad situation. Of course the dogs were let out to attack Heggy describing him an ignorant with an agenda who was sent by pharmaceutical companies to destroy this invention !! I hear shit by charlatans of alternative medicine crap hosted in radio and TV channels every day for two weeks attacking this young man.
Now the mainstream media is wondering what this young man did despite from couple of years of ago they were flying over the moon with his achievements in NASA.
Confronted by the question “do you understand in medicine !? do you understand in electromagnetic field !?” , the well known scientist posted his photo working in electromagnetic lab as the cover of his FB page with this caption “16 years in electromagnetic field”

This week newspapers are reported that some presidential advisers will be dismissed soon. Of course you do not need to guess which Presidential adviser is that. Heggy is currently in the States. I do not know why Essam Heggy agreed to join this circus in the first place. 
Moving from Essam Heggy , we got Dr. Islam Hussein , the Egyptian Virologist in MIT who could not take it any longer from that on going circus in Egypt. Dr. Islam made this long amazing video refuting the army’s devices by the language of science
Heggy Posted a photo for him and Hussein at MIT.

Now both of them are accused to be foreign spies working for CIA , Mars and Pharmaceutical mafia too.
I will dare and say that the video of Dr. Hussein encouraged other doctors and physicians to speak in medical terms.
Famous Liver diseases specialist Alaa Awad wrote in Al Wady News a scientific article bringing down this circus using the language of Science. Bassem Youssef also wrote similar article but in much easier and of course with more readership
You can imagine the hysteria in the mainstream media against those scientists , real scientists speaking against the C-Devices , now those scientists and doctors are considered heretic spies who should be burned at the stake.

I just want to say in the end something
Because I care for our country and our armed forces not to mention above them the poor patients me and others n Egypt are speaking against this charade. Some poor patients of HCV began to stop taking their medication waiting for the army’s cure.


  1. Mr. Ibrahim Abd Elaaty is danger on Egypt National Security and should be removed from the Army as soon as possible.

    How he came to the army in the first place ?

  2. The silver lining about the arrest of the AJstaff is that it seems to be dominating what portion of the international airwaves are left for Egypt with the Ukraine thing going on. The Koftagate is already mostly forgotten by international media. So at least Egypt's government just looks like your typical military dictatorship arresting reporters rather than a bunch of escapees from a mental hospital. Not that it can't be both, but if you are lucky international public opinion might just see them as thugs, not lunatics. Oh, who am I kidding, nobody is ever going to take anything the Egyptian government says seriously again.

    1. Your posts are always good but this is a particularly witty, funny, and eloquent description of the situation.

  3. Wonder whether Sisi is going to openly support this farce or keep letting it go on without taking a clear position.

    Treating skeptics of this fraud as heretics to be purged will only make this whole charade backfire worse on those who supported it once it comes tumbling down.

    The media has no right to present itself as thought police or enforcers for the thought police.


    1. It isn't a question of whether an Arab can cure aids. It's a question of whether any person, Arab or not, who claims to be able to cure a very complex illness by waving a radio antennae over the patient should be taken seriously if he provides no proof, no explanation for how it works and refuses to let anyone else look at to see how it works. Such people exist in every country, but for the government of the country to endorse it is worrying. What's next, the economic plan is based on banging on rocks yelling 'open seseme'?

  5. to anoy,
    we are not discussing or accusing if an ARAB or MUSLIM scientist can cure AIDS or not but rather discussing why there is so much flaw in the 'treatment'. ask any medical practitioner and they will give you the same answer it is impossible to cure it with single treatment. i believe you don't have any idea about the disease yet you are so fond of accusing others. i wonder if you are hired to spread hatred and lies toward bloggers in egypt? and stop abusing those caps lock learn to write as a decent human being at least


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