Saturday, March 8, 2014

Celebrating #InternationalWomensDay2014 in #Egypt : Release The Women Detainees

Happy International women day dear ladies everywhere
Pro-revolutionary ladies celebrated the International Women Day  in Egypt in their own way.
The Revolutionary Way Front organized a march this afternoon in Dokki in solidarity with Egyptian as well Arab detainees regardless of their political affiliation. The march was called “Bring Back our daughters from the prison cells”
The march was made of ladies , it was not big but yet it shows that some are not afraid from going to the street and that hostile atmosphere against them began to fade somehow. From the photos you can see that there were different ladies from different background whether liberals or leftists or Islamists.
The march roamed the streets of Dokki area this afternoon heading to the National council of Woman.
The Revolutionary way Front issued a statement slamming the NCW today wondering whether it was truly defending women’s rights or the regime’s right reminding us that the members of that council are not that different from the time of Mubarak.

Famous activist Laila Soueif was there holding banners demanding freedom for the detainees. You must know that today marks 100 days after the arrest of Alaa Abdel Fatah who has been detained without no trial so far since last November.
They did not demand freedom of political women detainees but also to Arab women detainees like Pro-Revolutionary Syrian citizen journalist Razan Zaitouna. If You remember Razan Zeitouna has been captured and detained by allegedly radical Islamist group since last December.There is no information so far about this prominent brave activist or her husband.
Here is the last video message recorded by Razan early December days before her abduction recounting what was happening then in Douma suburb after its liberation.
Razan Zaitouna ; video before abduction
Now we are reading about alleged return of torture and virginity tests when it comes to Women detainees once again in Egypt. Of course there is official denial as usual against testimonies of released detainees like 6 April Movement member and Al Azhar university student Ayat Hamada.
Moving from Giza to North Sinai. I found out that ladies there mostly Pro-Morsi supporters based on Rabaa sign in the photos protested too.
The women in Al Arish today by journalist Mostafa Singer
Today the Muslim Brotherhood abroad launched online campaign against the abuse of the detainees in Egypt and strangely for the first time they use the name of Cleopatra in their campaign. Of course this campaign is in English targeting Foreigners. Usually the Islamists ignore that part of
By the way fantastic ladies of Lebanon also protested against domestic violence and women's rights in general there.

Today's protest in Beirut by Photography HB
Also this photo is from Palestine today.
At Qalandiya crossing by Fady Arouri "Facebook"
By the way as the so-called Media celebrates the Women’s day I want to say something : I am tired of having my rights to be used in the media as political tool whenever they feel so according to the regime’s mood.
During the days of Morsi , mainstream media was screaming about women’s rights and how the Islamists were going to turn us in to another Iran yet now one dares to speak about how for instance the State Council refuses to appoint women judges till this day violating the Constitution !!
I am tired of this hypocrisy when Egyptian women are considered shallow and politicians like former PM Beblawy who insulted them internationally claiming that they “all” support El Sisi  because “he is handsome”.

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