Sunday, April 6, 2014

#Aswan : The Massacre continued Because of The bloody Traditions !! "Updated"

Late last night we hoped all over Egypt that the scary tribal clashes in Aswan would stop after the visit of PM Mehlab to the city and his meetings with the tribal leaders of both “Daboodiya" and "El Hilaliya". He already issued three decisions : First to arrest the inciters , second to form a committee to compensate both parties and another committee to stand on the reasons on why there are clashes in the first place.
In other words another fact finding committee !!
You know it just came across my mind that neither the PM or the minister of interior spoke in the media about how both clans had arms in the first place. We are speaking about unlicensed weapons for God’s sake !! 

Anyhow one hoped that that visit would lead in to some sort of a truce but we were wrong because in the afternoon clashes erupted madly. According to the Nubian activists and tweeps “again they speak online more than “El Hilaliya” suddenly the security forces disappeared from the clashes area and there was some kind of attack unleashed by “El Hilaliya”.
Not less than three were killed today. Tens were injured and several houses were torched. There is extreme anger on both sides.
One of the injured in the hospital "Al Mandra Online"
At the same time Facebook pages from both sides increased the tension and published ugly racial crap. Same crap was found on twitter with rumors and hate from both sides.
Amazingly when one was asking on why the security forces would leave its position and let both sides clash once again , we found out that people from Upper Egypt got yet another shocking proof on the fakeness of the state we have. Some Nubian tweeps believed in this theory.

Allegedly the number of victims of “El Hialiya” is more than the victims from the Nubians thus in order to reach to a truce and reconciliation then the victims from Nubians should be equal to the victims of “Hilaliya”. In other words the “Hilaliya” should kil more Nubians to balance the number !!!! I can not believe it.
A stupid tradition causing more people to be killed !!
Shockingly when the number of Nubian victims reached to the number of El Hialiya victims , the clashes stopped and the police began to spread again in the area !!!!!!!
What kind of state is that !!?? 
Strangely later today we read that Al Azhar will send a delegation in order to reach in to another truce. I hate to say that thousand sheikhs will not solve that hate implanted in the hearts and minds of both clans now.
By the way here is a map showing where the clashes are concentrated. It is mainly in El Seel El Rify area.

Of course today the clashes spread from time to time reaching to Aswan General Hospital as both tribes transferred their injured to the same hospital in some irony. The clashes continued forcing the other patients as well doctors and security “oh yes” to flee the hospital !!!
A photo for conriche Aswan during the clashes "Al Mandra"
Over 20 schools were closed today and I think after today’s clashes more schools will be closed tomorrow as both students and teachers will be afraid to show up.
Here is also a photo galley by AP Photographer Mohamed Ali Eddin who went to Aswan today. Ali Eddin was among a group of journalists who were smart enough to travel to Aswan before trains movement would be suspended due to security reasons.
The mainstream media or rather the TV channels insisted on adopting the story that the Muslim Brotherhood was behind the clashes. It is worth to mention that the Pro-El Sisi and Pro-Morsi supporters both used the clashes to attack the other team as well to spread conspiracy theories. I want to go to Aswan to see what is happening.

Updated : 

  • Army special forces sent units to Aswan last night. 
  • Not less than 14 people were arrested in the past 24 hours. 
  • According to news reports the governor of Aswan announced that there will be a truce for three days in an attempt for a reconciliation. 
  • Hisham Mubarak human rights center called the civil society to form a fact finding committee. 


  1. I just cannot understand why the police was not there asap. Why we have police. To correct citizens who do not abide by the law. I cannot understand why these tribes have all those arms. Why does Egypt have an army? To protect her borders.
    I cannot understand why the fact-finding commision does not focus on these issues.

    1. With Egypt's police maybe it's for the best. They'd probably shoot all the Nubians or something. Egypt's army can't prevent weapons smuggling (though it isn't bad a sealing off Tahrir) as people are insecure and doubt the state can protect them, so I understand it is growing all over Egypt.


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