Friday, May 16, 2014

#AJtrial : Abdullah El-Shamy and #AJStaff Still Detained

Yesterday was another episode in those ridiculous trials of Al Jazeera staff and Abdullah El-Shamy.
Once again the Cairo criminal court decided to adjourn the case of Al Jazeera staff to 22 May in another session full of drama.
Fadel , Greste and Baher "Source :twitter"
 First you got two lawyers including Peter Greste’s lawyer stepping down from the case because allegedly Al Jazeera channel was using it to defame Egypt !!
I do not know if this lawyer faced some sort of pressure or not but what he did actually is wrong leaving his defendant like that not to mention innocent defendant facing unjust accusations !!
As if this trial already did not defame Egypt in the first place !!

Second Mohamed Fadel Fahmy’s lawyer Khaled Abu Bakr revealed that the prosecution told the defendants’ lawyers to pay nearly LE 1.2 Million if they want to have access to the 5 CD evidence in the case !!!!! Abu Bakr told journalists that the average mount of money of defendants’ lawyers pay to have access to evidence was usually LE 500 !!
Greste and Fahmy "Source : Twitter"
Already I am surprised that lawyers pay in order to see the evidence !!
Moving to Abdullah El-Shamy’s trial. The trial has been adjourned for another 45 days. I do not know what to say.
Abdullah El-Shamy in cage "Source:Twitter"
Of course now there is a noise about Abdullah after releasing his video message. It is a good thing.
Here is a photo copy from letter written by Abdullah El-Shamy about the the mistreatment he faced in prison.
El-Shamy's letter -1 "RNN"

El-Shamy's letter-2 "RNN"
Abdullah’s young wife Jihad Khaled wrote another emotional post on Facebook saying that she was not seeking any heroic role but rather her husband.
El-Shamy revealed that the security forces tried to force him to eat Tuna to break his hunger strike and he vomited insisting to complete his hunger strike.
He is currently in solitary confinement
Human rights Watch issued a statement calling the Egyptian government to release El-Shamy from his illegal detention.
By the way the mainstream media is claiming that Abdullah Shamy is not on a hunger strike. Well his video and photos prove otherwise , just compare it with his photos before the hunger strike and you will know that the young man is not lying. He only demands a trail instead of adjournments !! 

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