Friday, May 9, 2014

And the Crazy Weather Continues in #Egypt

I do not know if we consider this sign that simply nothing is forever or that global warming is a serious problem when it snows in May in .. Egypt !!
Unstable weather conditions have continued till now , we got strong dusty wind in Cairo and Giza  in the morning.  It snowed in North Sinai and it continued to rain and flood in Ain El-Sokhna and South Sinai.
Highways and road crossings in South Sinai as well Ain El-Sokhna were closed for hours before they would be opened.
This video was shot yesterday at Wadi Doum valley in Ain El-Sokhna by human rights activist Mona Seif who was stuck there along other people.
Here is the resort they were staying at.
The resort now "Amr Sman"
For hours Seif and other people in the resort were stuck by the Bedouin tribes managed to help them.
Here are photos from Sinai.

Taba crossing 
Al Arish-Beir Abd highway "Mohamed El-Omda"
Middle Sinai Floods "Sinai Now FB"
All what I can say about this is that once again we see that the infrastructure can not stand nature’s anger. We need to ask the government about its plans regarding such heavy rains and floods. We Should also follow up on the people in Sinai and Red sea.
Be careful if you are planning to hit the road to Ain El-Sokhna or Sinai this weekend please.

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