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Egyptian Presidential Elections 2014 : Unofficial Results in Numbers and Infographs

I have been wasting hours and hours since last Wednesday in reading and analyzing the unofficial presidential elections’ results because you know you can find interesting things in numbers even in those results you are suspicious of.

The official results will be announced either on 3 or 4 June instead of 5 June as it was first declared because it would be a very bad omen to declare the victory of Field Marshal Abdel Fattah El-Sisi on the anniversary of Egypt’s worst military defeat in the 20th century aka 5 June aka the 1967 the Six Days War. This post will be updated as soon as PEC announces the final results next week.
The sources of the unofficial presidential elections 2014’s results are declared by PEC are : Galal Amer , Ahram Online and Reuters’ Aswat Masriya.The source of the official presidential elections 2012 results are PEC.

First the unofficial results of the presidential elections 2014

According to the amazing Galal Amer who is very picky in his calculations El-Sisi is president elected by 92.8% of the votes.

Here is the unofficial result of elections by numbers.

Second The biggest winner actually is the spoilt votes

Well I am working on a post dedicated to the spoilt votes and the boycotters because they are the biggest winners in this elections. As you can see there is an increase in the number of spoilt votes in two years.

Third From a wining horse in 2012 to a loser in 2014.

Hamdeen Sabahi is a big loser according to numbers in this race. More people spoiled their votes than those who voted him.
He  lost a lot of votes with in 2 years when he was being looked as the Non-Islamist Presidential material potential.
Here is a detailed chart with Sabahi’s votes of governorates in 2012 “Presidential elections’ first stage” 2012 and 2014 Presidential elections. He was the wining horse of 2012 but in 2014 he lost.

Fourth Two Presidential elections in two years.

Here are detailed charts with both governorates’ results in 2012 and 2014. You click on the chart , it is interactive and you will see the data of each candidate when you click on the circle besides his name.

We had a real interesting race in 2012 for real whether you like it or not. This massive majority is alarming.

Important remark

I know that there are results , unofficial results with lower turnout “7%”finding their way online but I am afraid I can not trust these results because unlike 2012 both sides of political turmoil in Egypt are professional liars. For the time being I will stick to the semi-official results.
Already truth is lost as usual in Egypt still in this race there is important fact nobody denies but rather ignores many people are losing faith in the electoral system and here I am speaking about those boycotted the elections as well those spoiled their votes. If I am not mistaken. I believe we will get even much worse numbers in the upcoming parliamentary elections.
This won’t be good. This is what Mubarak’s regime relied on.
By the way I would be very thankful if you show love and share this post beside you imagine the time I spent in doing it.

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  1. so at the end the lesson you learned from these numbers is that there are no lessons to be learned... God! you people are arrogant,ignorant, delusional and posses unlimited reserves of stupidity. Get over yourselves already, You still don't get the message. do you? PEOPLE HATE CALLS FOR DESTRUCTION.whether from so called "revolutionaries" or religious fascists add to that you and you ilk are atrociously incompetent in building the country you just destroy things that's what you are good at.


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