Sunday, June 1, 2014

And Here is #Mubarak officially as a prisoner

Here is ousted president Hosni Mubarak wearing for the first time the blue suite as a sign of being convicted prison behind bars early Saturday morning in the Police academy court.

Ousted Mubarak was convicted of embezzling public funds in the “Egyptian Presidency palaces” case along his two sons Gamal and Alaa Mubarak.
To know more about this case “The case of Egyptian Presidency’s palaces” , I urge you to read this fantastic investigative by report made by Hossam Bahgat “Arabic version” in Mada Masr and spread it as well. Bahgat included in his amazing report a copy from the Mubaraks’ purchases in that case. By the way mainstream media in Egypt ignored this important report except Youm 7 which plagiarized it !!  
Officially Mubarak is the first president of Egypt to be convicted of such crime and will be the first living ex-president of Egypt to be officially imprisoned.
Mubarak is currently standing the re-trial of the killing of the protesters in the early 18 days of the Egyptian revolution in 2011. It is likely that he will be acquitted.
Personally I believe this man should stand a trial for destroying Egypt politically , socially and economically. For 30 years this man had an opportunity to make out of Egypt something but in the end after 25 January revolution and what followed it , I believe that we need something like Noah’s flood to cleanse his regime, his media as well his cartoonish opposition in order to start clean, to start building a true modern civil state.
His regime left him as expected and is kneeling down to the new pharaoh who is building its new regime.
Here is a video from Pro-Mubarak regime channel “Sada El-Balad” showing him and his son in the cage. I wonder if “Sada El-Balad” TV hosts are going to be mad because of this scene or there is a new master , a new idol they busy showing their loyalty now.
Sada El-Balad : Mubarak appears in blue suit.
Of course he is not wearing the tradition prison blue suit. As you can see he is wearing a strips shirt.
By the way I do not think that Mubarak has been transferred to Tora Prison complex like his his sons or he is still enjoying the five stars treatment of Maadi military hospital.

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  1. Lets hope one day that vile scum Sissy is put on trial for his crimes. I fear he will make look Mubarak look like a amateur if he keeps power for too long. Apparently according to the recent Telegraph article he began his plotting early dring Mubaraks rule.


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