Friday, June 6, 2014

And From Four years ago ..

And from Four years ago a young Alexandrian man was beaten to death in Alexandria by two police informants and this changed Egypt forever for real. That young man is late Khaled Said and the two police informants that beat him till death are currently serving ten years sentence in jail after a retrial.
Now after four years one feels that we returned to square one especially now those activists who defended Khaled’s right back in 2010 like Mahienour Al Masry , Mohamed Adel , Hassan Mostafa and Ahmed Douma are all in jail for illegal protesting.
It is a setback but may be we need this setback to correct our path
This video below was shot at the first protest in solidarity with Khaled at his home , you will see familiar faces in it like Mahienour and Ahmed Douma. This was the beginning in Alexandria while in Cairo it was a very small protest in front of the ministry of interior by brave few protesters.

Black Out - Protest in Egypt - English Subtitles/Sous-titres français from Mayye Zayed on Vimeo.
In 2010 it started in Cairo with this small protest "Omar El-Hady" 


  1. Gazahoum Allah (swt) Khier

    Rahama Allah (swt) Shouhadna.

  2. It seems that you are not enjoying your "military coup on the demand of the people".

  3. "It is a setback but may be we need this setback to correct our path"

    Everyone in Egypt who thinks this way have to ask themselves: What are they going to do to correct the path? How far are they willing to go?

    Life ain't story, there is no conclusion, or happy endings. Fundamentally Karma does not exist; the people must push the societies forward.

    There are rulers, and regimes that cannot be overcome with non-violent methods. The Egyptian regime is quickly morphing to one.


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