Friday, June 6, 2014

Six Days War after 47 years : Escaping a defeat

It seems that after 47 years of the Six days war defeat many Egyptians have forgotten all the lessons they learned for an expensive price they paid with blood and land.

After 47 years the Egyptians returned back to the same reasons that made us lose in what can be described as the worst military defeat in the Egyptian modern history in the 20th history.

Once again they allow the army to get busy in politics as well economy , once again they let the mainstream media deceive them with cheap nationalism slogans and hypocrisy, once again they idolize a mortal military making him immortal savoir. Once again cheap populism is taking the country.

Now nobody dares to question a decision taken by the regime just like the 1960s , nobody dares to say a different opinion otherwise he or she will be a traitor.

In 1967 it was not only about warfare but it was about a series of bad leadership in Egypt that nobody dared to criticized for fear of dictatorship. Same headlines are back in the newspapers , same ideas are back , even in politics we see now a new modern one Party Socialist Union in making to provide a so-called political cover for the new elected president.

Now amazingly the 1967 Generation is the same generation right now idolizing Field Marshal El-Sisi as the savior of not only of Egypt but the Arab world if not the world who stood against the American imperialism !!

That 1967 generation had a dream that saw it turning in to a nightmare in that summer and despite it achieved victory in 1973 and despite they had 47 years to restore that dream they failed and yet they insist to continue pursing it. That generation is always speaking about its dream in that bloody summer of 1967 , just check all the renowned writers , intellectuals and poets’ interviews in the past few months. You will find that lost dream there.

Amazingly that old generation does not realize that it is killing the dreams of other generations that came after it, especially the young generation which has got its own dreams for its own time.

I fear that the old generation dream of 1967 will make us repeat the same defeat in a different way and unfortunately the only generations that will pay the price are the younger generations as usual.


  1. On June 1967, Once I heared the news we went demonstrating insisting to keep President Nasser in power and continue the war to liberate Sinai and Palestine

    I was student at Faculty of Engineering, I traveled to Suize canal in the front in Ismalia to volunteer in the Army.

    I was asigned to volunteer in the hospital in al Qantara east ...

    This was our spirit in 1967 .... To fight back and we initially win the war in 1973 ..

    The real defeat was the surrender to the enemy... What Sadat, Mubarak and El Sisi called peace !!!

    Peace on the Rights and Blood of us, the Palestinians and Arab and Muslims !!!"???

    Who talk now about the Rights of Palestinians... Who talks now about Liberation of our Quds and Holy land.

    Rahama Allah (swt) Gamal Abd El Nasser for his work from 1948 to 1970.

  2. PUHleeeeeeeeeeeeeez, STOP with the whining your so called revolutionaries ,who seem to never know what they want, have lost the people and that's it.
    Inciting hatred towards the military is never going to be popular in any country, especially in Egypt and especially if it's done by thugs who seem to have nothing to do except vandalism.It's not idolization It is what you will find in any country in the world,people just love their military.
    the army never got into politics and it never will ,"it has no reason to".

    Sisi is president right now because the MB pushed the people toward him and taking into consideration the situation the country is in he is the best choice we have.
    And we lost in 1967 because people like you were in charge. idiots who were simply deluded and never seem to be able to see the world like it is.


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