Wednesday, June 4, 2014

#DyingtoLive : Updates about Abdullah El-Shamy

First of all an important update about Abdullah El-Shamy.
According to his brother renowned photographer Mosa’ab El-Shamy , his family has seen him at last. It turned out  after his disappearance from Tora prison , the 26 years old Al Jazeera TV correspondent was
An old photo for Abdullah in Tora prison months ago
transferred to security tight Al Akrab maximum security prison in Tora complex to a solitary confinement.
It turns out that he was transferred to hospital as it was claimed earlier but he was allowed to buy water from the prison cafeteria after fainting several times and his kidney functions began to fail. Yes they prevented him from buying bottled water and vomited blood.
This young man needs to be transferred to hospital ASAP. For God’s sake murderers , spies and drug dealers are treated in prison better than him !!
Up till now he has been in prison for no official crime !!
Now Abdullah denied totally that he was photographed while he was taking solid food insisting that he did not break his food strike in the past weeks. Regarding this two weeks ago we  found out leaked photos for him allegedly eating solid food published in Egypt’s Military Photos Facebook Page “Which is one of the top Pro-Military FB pages in Egypt” as well other Pro-Police and Pro-El-Sisi Facebook pages with captions claiming that he was lying and was not on strike.The photos appeared right after his video was leaked online.
It is worth to mention for more than 14 days his family failed to see , only today after a lot of noise earlier this week they were allowed to see him.

Earlier this week the families of Abdullah El-Shamy and Mohamed Soltan along with activists and Pro-Revolution protesters held a protest demanding the release of those detainees as well other detainees arrested and imprisoned because of the illegal protest law.

On Monday day they held a press conference demanding their immediate release fearing on their health in detention after more than 120 days of hunger strike. Of course I can not ignore how leftist human rights activists Laila Soueif and Aida Seif El-Dowala are on a hunger strike in solidarity with El-Shamy and Soltan.
Mohamed Soltan is another Islamist who has been detained for months , his father is MB leading preacher Salah Soltan who got controversial statements. His father was detained also. I am not following his case as carefully as El-Shamy but I do not recall that he was officially accused in some trial.
According to Soltan’s family , the young man who lives in the US and got the US citizenship came to Egypt to look after his mother who got cancer and was not involved in politics despite he was allegedly arrested for along bunch of Pro-MB RSSD News Facebook Network
Last week a video for Soltan was leaked online asking US president Obama to interfere for his release.
Mohamed Soltan appeals to the US government
It is worth to mention that I read days later that he was transferred to a hospital.
Now besides Soltan and El-Shamy as well Al Jazeera crew , I can not ignore talented Freelance photographer Mahmoud Abou Zeid “Showkan” who was been in detention since the dispersal of Rabaa. Abou Zeid was arrested along two other foreign journalists , of course the foreign journalists were released and left Egypt while he was forgotten in prison.
Shokan and a letter he sent to the world last April 
Of course Freelance journalists and photographers in Egypt are doomed as no one can prove that they are journalists in the first place according to Egypt’s red tape.
For more than 200 days Showkan has been in detention for only doing his job.
Here is a Facebook page dedicated to Showkan.

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  1. The military has chosen to become a totalitarian terrorist organization. It therefore desire to be blasphemed and mocked so that it will be shown as the brittle idol that it is. Hopefully people will realize that disbanding the military would be better than preserving it in its current form. It should only be kept if it can be reformatted in such a way that it becomes compatible with human values. If not, get rid of it. There shouldn't be any taboo against criticizing it.


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