Monday, July 14, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : There are some people in #Cairo who support #Gaza

Despite that shameful Anti-Palestinian Pro-Zionist campaign in the mainstream and social media in Egypt by the Pro-Regime supporters now , there are still people who support Gaza and its people.

Yesterday several political parties and movements “mostly leftist” organized a protest in solidarity with Gaza at the Journalists syndicate “back to the stairs” as well a rally in downtown Cairo. Among the prominent figures that showed up in the protest like former Presidential candidate and leftist lawyer Khaled Ali and Liberal politician Amr Hamzawy.

Amr Hamzawy and Khaled Ali in the Pro-Gaza rally.

Among those parties :  Constitution Party , Egyptian Social Democratic Party , Strong Egypt Party , Popular Socialist Alliance party and the Revolutionary Way.

You must bear in mind that this protest was organized during World cup final, Ramadan , Protest law and extreme anti-Gaza media campaign. Here is a photo gallery for the protest and rally.

Already those parties and movements are organizing a relief aid convey to Gaza by the end of this week.

Now there are important updates from Cairo. Egypt is proposing another cease fire initiative. The initiative is based on the following :

  • Israel shall cease its attack against the Gaza Strip via land, sea, and air, and shall commit to refrain from conducting a ground attack against Gaza.
  • All Palestinian factions in Gaza shall cease all the attacks against from the Gaza Strip via land, sea, air, and underground, and shall commit to refrain from firing all types of rockets.
  • The Crossings “Mainly Rafah crossing” shall be opened and the passage of persons and goods through border crossings shall be facilitated once the security situation is stable.
  • Other issues, including security issues shall be discussed with the two sides.

Cairo made it clear that both parties should cease fire at 6 AM GMT and within 48 hours following the cease fire a new round of talks in Cairo should start.

Ironically the Palestinian youth especially from Gaza got their initiatives on twitter with their own set of conditions to cease fire.

It is worth to mention that US secretary of state John Kerry is coming to Cairo tomorrow from Vienna.


  1. Why can't Egypt have an intelligent and honest person like Khaled Ali as president? It has mainly been ruled by barbaric, treasonous idiots in recent times.

    1. What you expext from someone with blood on his hands

    2. Dear Hamdy: You have made the completely non-sequitur reply "What you expext from someone with blood on his hands" on at least two occasions. In one of your posts you pretended to have a PhD. Perhaps you're insane, or a child.

  2. El Sisi and Abaas Gave the Green Light to the Zionists to Attack Gaza (Hamas).

    Rahma Allah swt Gamal Abd El Nasser.

    1. Its the Hamas who gave the green light, by attacking Israeli towns and villages.

      Do you really expect the Zionists to keep quiet while the Hamas attack their homes?

      Its funny how the Arab educated middle class support bloody violence against civilians, as long as its against "Zionists" (code name for Jews in Palestine), or Christians or Shiites or anyone who's different .

  3. This "shameful" campaign you talk about promotes cease fire, to prevent more people from being killed from both sides.

    The "Gaza people" you claim you support are actually the Hamas government who doesn't want cease fire. They want to continue shooting so more people will be killed from both sides. The real Gaza people want cease fire.

    So, which campaign is more shameful? the cease fire campaign or the Hamas "continue the war" campaign?

    1. Cease fire with whom ? and Based on What?

      The Palestinians Have The Right to Live Freely on Their Own Land.

      The Zionists Did Lots of Evil in Palestine and the Arab World Since I was Born in 1948.

    2. Dear Hamdy yousef,

      Cease fire with the "Zionists" (aka jews living in Israel). The "Zionists" have also the right to leave freely in their own land.

      I know its hard for you be believe, but the "Zionists" are human also.

      The Palestinians also did alot of evil to the "Zionists", including this fighting today.

    3. Listen, you are extremely wrong and twisting the truth.

      You can not Steel someone house and turning him to Refugee, and say you have the right to live in his house (1948 until now (the illegal settlement
      What you did and doing is illegal (Armed Rubery and murder)

      You should leave PALESTINE for the PALESTINIANS

      Just leave yoi and your evil.

  4. الكره عامي عنيكي .. مش انتي ولا امثالك الي عيزاهم مصر ..مصر مستني نوع تاني من الفكره والعقل ..عقل ووجدان ميعرفش الكره مبيخلطش بين الوطن والي بيحكمه ..لا يتعالي علي ابناء وطنه لانهم مختلفين عنه في الراي ..ناس تانيه بتخاطب المصريين مش حد تاني ..معتزه بثقافتها ولغتها ..مستعدين يخسروا العالم كله عشان يكسبو ابناء بلدهم ..انتو العكس ..عمرنا ما هنتقابل عشان انتو ليكو مشروع واحنا لينا مشروع ..انتو ليكو فكر واحنا لينا فكر تاني ..انتو اخركو جايزه من منظمه غربيه تديكو جايزه احسن بلوجر ..هو دا تمامكو.انتو مش احنا


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