Sunday, July 6, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-8

Now things are evolving and it is getting crazy in our tale , seriously tonight’s episode is crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy

Yup tonight’s 349th episode is crazy and so you have to hurry up and click the “More” link in order to listen to the episode after the break.

And the miracle happened , the poor yet happy couple “Zakzok” and “Mabrooka” will have a baby as the woodsman is pregnant. Yup after eating that magical apple given to Mabrooka by that strange dervish “Abu Tarab” ,  the woodsman becomes a pregnant

To avoid scandal as well to have rest , the poor man had to stay at home and his wife decided to work as maid at the chief merchant of the town. One day the chief merchant decided to visit “Zakzok” as “Mabrooka” told him and his wife that he was extremely sick.

Panicked that her husband’s crazy secret would be exposed, “Mabrooka” hurries up to the hut to find another surprise waiting for her. “Zakzok” gave birth to a baby boy and that baby boy was delivered by none other than Dervish “Abu Tarab” through his leg !!!

The dervish tells the new father that that baby boy would have  great future.

After few hours the chief merchant arrives and sees the baby. Amazed to see the poor couple got a baby suddenly , he feels sad.

It is crazy I know but this is An Arabian nights tale !!

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