Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Regarding The exodus of Mosul’s Christians

And ISIS aka IS aka the Neo-Islamic Caliphate in Iraq announced the Christians in Mosul have either two
A Christian lady at a Church in Mosul "Reuters" 
options : Either to become Muslims or they would killed or they leave. After 14 centuries the Churches and monasteries in Mosul are attacked and torched “contrary to the orders of Islam” while the properties of Christians there are confiscated.
Yes after 2000 years the Christians in Mosul “One of the old Christian sects in the world” had to leave to their homes in the city.For 14 centuries the Christians in Mosul lived in their homes under the different Islamic Caliphates and yet they did not have to leave their home. Yet now in the 21st century they have leave because they refused to change their religion.
I am not that surprised from the IS because watching they did and are doing in Syria , you would know what kind of mentality we are dealing with.
I am surprised about other things.
Those Christians of Mosul are actually the remaining minority of the Christians in Iraq. People ignore that since the Invasion of Iraq in 2003 and nearly 85% of Christian Iraqis left the country. People also forget that they did not speak up about those 85% all those years like now.
People show huge anger online about the orders of IS and “of course our media is using it in Egypt for example to scare people that they should accept police state to avoid having ISIS” but what about offline politics !?
Online people from all over the Arab world began to show their solidarity with the Christians of Mosul but what about offline whether in the Arab world or in Iraq itself. What happened to Iraqis themselves !?? This question is extremely important.
I know that my country Egypt Baha'is were forced out of their homes in Upper Egypt from couple of years thanks to the incitement of a journalist in Al Gomhouria newspaper who is widely respected now. I know that Christians in Delta and Upper Egypt are forced to leave their homes whenever there are sectarian clashes in their villages and towns and the state is ok about it.
One of the main reasons that the Sunnis as well the Sunni tribes welcomed militias like ISIS was the sectarian policies adopted by Maliki in some irony.
Neither the Arab League nor the Islamic Conference Organization spoke about what happened or is happening in Mosul.
After a second though , since when the Arab League or the Islamic Conference did anything instead of denouncing , since when they stood for their people let alone the other minorities in Arab and Islamic countries.
Already Did the Iraqi PM open his mouth about what happened in the Mosul !? Updated : It turned out that he spoke about it.
Personally I pray as well I believe that insh Allah the Christians of Mosul will return back to their city and homes soon and ISIS will be another attempt of God knows what intelligence apparatuses and Sheikhs in Gulf to control the area in their own way.


  1. While I agree with most of what you say, in fairness I should say that the Iraqi PM has indeed condemned this, so it isn't really fair to say he has not.


  2. Why are they doing this? Can anyone live in peace? Why does different religions matter? They're not ruining the country/state or anything, this is ridiculous, such rules like if you don't convert-you will die. Yikes! I will pray for these Christians.

  3. ISIS fight the christians in Iraq and Syria, Hamas fights the jews in Palestine.

    Insha-Allah, they will cleanse the middle-east of all infidels.

  4. POLITE REQUEST: It would be nice if anonymous posters who post often on Egyptian Chronicles would adopt a nickname (not necessarily their real name) when posting here. It would give us Egyptian Chronicles fans a sense of community, even though we disagree so much.

  5. This is hardly a new phenomenon. In 1900 Christians made up more than one on four of the population of the ME, a century later it is less than one in ten.

  6. The law of unintended consequences. Dictators like Saddam Hussein in Iraq, el-Assad in syria, Mubarak in Egypt were removed, this gave rise to extreme Islamic movements all over the middle-east, and as result, the Christians are fleeing. I cannot blame them.

    For non-muslims in the middle east, its either stand up and fight (like Israel does against Hamas in Gaza), or run away (like the Christians in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine do).


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