Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pay attention to #RedSea cities and its people

Please pay attention to Red Sea governorate and its people ,specifically in the cities of "Ras Gharib" and "El-Qusair" , something unprecedented is taking place there.

For the first of the time the people in both cities start a semi-civil disobedience against the
The map of the new governorates
government's decision to redraw the governorates' borders in Egypt according to the President's new economic vision. The people are angry because the Red Sea governorate's cities will be divided and join other Upper Egypt governorates.

The government has not finished from redrawing the borders yet and actually the redrawing of the borders is among the reasons why the parliamentary elections law has not been issued yet. Yes there is huge debate about the number of seats and lists for each governorate..etc.

The government believes that the poor Upper Egypt governorates will be rich if they have sea ports on the red sea.

The people rejected the decision and demand the government to study it carefully as well to wait till we have elected local councils to discuss such

Anyhow a non-political non-partisan movement called "No for the Split of the Red sea governorate" was formed by the concerned citizen in the southern governorate. They tried to reach to the media but with no success.

The movement tried all possible ways , speaking with governmental officials with no success and thus it decided to escalate and start a semi-civil disobedience. In the past 3 days students did not go to schools but instead in rallies and protests through out the cities. The employees and workers did not go to their jobs. The shop-owners closed their shops. Only hospitals are operating.
This semi-civil disobedience is organized by the people as far as I know. Already there are no political powers or parties or movements working there or care for the people outside Cairo.We are going to have parliamentary elections next year so there is no need for parties to start to work in governorates for now as expected

I am following this case because I have not seen something like that for a long time.

People start a civil movement away from the media for their own simple demand.
The revolution continues in its own mysterious way.

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