Friday, November 28, 2014

It is a media war "Apocalypse #Nov28"

It seems that we are going to have the apocalypse once again on Friday in Egypt at least according the mainstream media.

Tomorrow the Salafist Front "SF" will lead the Islamist youth including the Muslim Brotherhood in an Islamist Youth Uprising in order to restore Egypt's Islamic identity through protests all over the country after Friday prayers holding the Holy Quran.

Yes the SF wants to restore the Islamic identity of Egypt which was lost because of the foreign occupations and the remnants of those occupations aka the military rule of 1952.

I did short interview for work with Hisham Kamal , the spokesperson of the SF before his arrested and he told me that Egyptian people tried all the paths after January 25 revolution and failed ending up with a military coup so it was time to try an Islamic path.

Of course I do not understand how the majority of the people will take that path if they supported the ouster of Islamist Morsi and the designation of the MB as a terrorist organization. I do not know how the SF will achieve that path in the first place. Are we going to have an Iranian scenario ?

The MB joined the protests despite there were rumors today that the banned group would call the day off but the brotherhood proves to be stupid after all.

For God sake the Al-Gama'a Al-Islamiyaa , the former true militant group that terrorized people for ages rejected the protests for fear it will increas polarization in the society.

The SC's spokesperson Hisham Kamal fired back at that accusation and said that the protests would not increase polarization in Egypt because the society is polarized because of Westernization and secularism.

I think the MB is trying to show off in a stupid way.I believe their London media office will have a lot of time to explain why the brotherhood supports such sectarian protests with a lot of hate to the West. Already the US flag is going to be torched tomorrow according to the Salafist Front along the Israeli flag.

Now When the call for that uprising was launched not many people paid attention to it. They did when the SF launched a video ad calling the people to join the uprising in order to restore Egypt's Islamic identity.

The speakers in the video say that the people have to defend their religion after the military rule banned Dawn prayers and religion courses in schools. They claimed also that the president does not honor the Quran readers in public celebrations anymore in addition to the mistreatment of the people in Sinai to the political detainees..etc.

Dawn prayers are still held in the mosques and actually the SF wants all the people to pray in the dawn prayers in mosques. The religion courses have not been cancelled either. El-Sisi just all the presidents of Egypt honors the Quran readers in Ramadan. For God sake Egypt's regime is not a secular nor pretends to be so.

Just like the Celebs against terrorism , this video was mocked till it became a meme of its own.

Yes people made fun of that video

This was the start but then the mainstream media picked up the call for that uprising and made it another global conspiracy against Egypt and its army planned by The MB , ElBaradei, Wael Ghonim, Turkey , Qatar and the United States !!

We got crazy scenarios that there will be civil war tomorrow. Honestly I am worried but many people believe that it will be another usual Post 30 June Friday where the Pro-Morsi supporters protest and get in to a fight with security forces. Usually those Fridays end up with 2 or 3 killed and dozens injured. Unfortunately we got used to that sort of Fridays.

Already the MB' protests on Friday began to fade away.

Ironically El-Sisi is trying to encourage foreign investors and tourists in Europe when his media back home is scaring people for real from those awful terrorists who invade the country tomorrow with the help of Qatar and Turkey !!

Now we got news reports that people are madly buying groccery and fuel just in case. Clubs cancelled their activties and shops will close its doors. Several major squares above them Tahrir square and Rabaa square are closed. Tahrir is now a military barracks. Checkpoints inspect people in train stations and metro stations. The army is securing electricty stations and water supply stations as well the Egyptian National TV and Radio building. Helicopters are flying all over Cairo.

The Radio is airing patriotic songs all over its stations.

People are now urged in the Pro-military/Police Fan Facebook pages not to stand besides windows or balconies on Friday for God's sake. People believe that ISIS is going to invade Cairo for God's sake !!

It is just crazy , really crazy.

We are not living in the 1960s and I am sure that multi-national corporations know exactly what is happening in Egypt. This is not a message that your country is the peace oasis where businesses can flourish safely.

Now one must wonder if all those army and police preparations are for Friday only or rather Saturday , the real big day. Yes November 29 is much more important than November 28. On Saturday the court will say it final verdict in the retrial of ousted president Mubarak , Habib El-Adly and his aides in the killing of the protesters

So far all the indications say that Mubarak is going to be acquitted. Already the ousted president is enjoying his stay as former president at Maadi military hospital despite he was sentenced a jail term in a corruption related charges.

I would say that the security measures taken are not only for the Islamists on Friday but rather for anyone dares to protest on Saturday or any other day.

Now a quick background info about Salafist Front :

Salafist Front is another Salafist Ultra-Conserative group formed after the revolution as a pressure group in Egypt. Originatted in Mansoura, Nile Delta , The Salafist Front is considered more conserative as well smaller in influence and in number than its bigger rival Pro-regime Salafist calling. The Salafist Calling "SC" is paying a huge price now because people get confused between the two groups.

The SC and its political arm Al-Nour party launched a campaign to distance themselves as well to try the Salafist base in Nile Delta not to join the SF's call for Islamist revolution


  1. I disagree with the usage of one word: "his" media. Sisi never asked the media to promote his image, views, or anything similar. They chose to follow his course willingly. The fact that the media agrees with Sisi is all a matter of choice: no twisting of arms and no blatant and direct instructions to do so. It is the same media that opted to go against Morsi.
    See "Does the tail wag the dog?"

  2. Hi Zeinobia,
    It is true that transnational capitalists consider such factors as a state's/region's 'stability' when making a determination about investment, but they are motivated by profit. So even if Egypt became a 'peace oasis' overnight, investors wouldn't be interested unless it was profitable. In fact, transnational capital makes its way to some of the most 'unsafe' places in the world when the profit margin is enough (e.g. international mining in the D.R. Congo). So, I wouldn't worry about losing out on economic prosperity because everyone isn't acting in the way that transnational forces want to see.

  3. Uh oh: Egypt court drops murder charges against Mubarak

    Hosni was acquitted of lots of other stuff too, and so were his sons and a whole bunch of his pals.

    "It was not immediately clear whether Mubarak would now walk free" according to this AP article! Oh dear.

  4. For the record, I put my comment about Mubarak here a little before you put up your new Mubarak article, Z. I do try to put things in their proper places.


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