Saturday, February 21, 2015

#UWK_Massacre : The Final Death toll

The Zamalek Sports Club’s hardcore fan group Ultras White Knights “UWK” has published the final list of victims who died from two weeks ago at the Air Defense stadium in Cairo. According to the UWK ‘s FB page the number of those  who died were 20 people just like what the Forensic Medical authority announced earlier.

It has published their names.
Now the confusion about the number turned out to be the result of mixing between the dead, injured and the missing form that night.
Late Hala El-Hebishy , the youngest victim in the incident
"15 years old" filmed before the stampede

Of course people forgot about what happened from two weeks after what happened in Libya. It is unclear whether the football activity in Egypt will return or not as the last word will be for the government. The government is going to pay LE 100,000 each to  the families of the victims who died outside the stadium.
Other than that there is no updates about the investigations.
Now regarding this horrifying accident , I would like you to watch this episode from Balacano YouTube webcast by Shawky who is a huge Zamalek fan. Unfortunately it is Arabic only with no subtitles.
El-Balacona : Take off your cloth for the sake of Egypt 

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