Thursday, June 4, 2015

Once again time for internet Revolution in Egypt

It is not that revolution in mind. That Internet revolution people are speaking now in Egypt is about the prices of Internet services and speeds in Egypt.
Egypt’s internet Revolution campaign is reminding the minister of telecommunication Khaled Negm with his promise to reduce the prices of internet services and spreads in Egypt in early June. Now we are in early June and nothing happened.
This report from Ahram Online will explain to you what I am speaking about and this graph will make it clearer to you why we complaining. As you can see we pay money more than several countries and yet we got slower speed.

From his side minister Khaled Negm of telecommunications tweeted that the delay to lower the prices had to do with the procedures and commercial stuff. He also added that it was untrue that the government refused to lower the prices.

Now Egypt’s Internet Revolution re-launched its famous hashtag “ISP_steal_from_us”. The hashtag hit Egypt’s top twitter trend on Wednesday and Thursday uniting all Egyptians despite their political affiliations amazingly.

Top trends in Egypt 
Ironically that this is the only revolution people are allowed to speak about in Egypt online now.
Even more ironic the Saudi tweeps participated in the hashtag and they are complaining as well from their own ISP companies.
Top trends in Saudi Arabia 
My ISP is TEData and the service sucks when it comes to speed. It is not that I have to pay a lot of money for the speed I got, the service is bad and frequently is down where I live as well other places in Cairo. If I dare to call the technical service to complain, the standard answer will be reboot your router !!”.
Anyhow it is time that we have fair prices for the internet 

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  1. I would appreciate it very much if internet revolution will bring cheaper internet connections for all and sundry. Post well written dear.


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