Sunday, June 28, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.11”

What I expected to happen in last night’s episode , things are going to change upside down in our tale , the talk of the Cursed Lady’s wall.

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Nour took the first ship from his father’s commercial fleet and was on his way to the Gemstones island to meet his bride, the beautiful princess Dalal.
During his voyage,  a strange thing happened as he was sitting in his cabin when suddenly a mermaid appeared looking and laughing at him in the Porthole. He did not believe at first, but she came back. That made him scream. The captain and asked what the matter was him and he told him about that mermaid.The captain laughed and told him that it was just a myth. That night Nour did not sleep alone in his cabinet as the Captain slept with him. Soon enough a huge storm hit the sea and the ship got stuck in it. The ship drowned and Nour was on the verge of dying when he was saved by that mermaid who brought unconscious to the sea. The Mermaid then disappeared in to the sea.
Back in the city of Gor , Sheikh Mansour heard the news that his son was lost in the sea and did not come back. As he was grieving, people came and told him that they found his son on the seashore unconscious. Waking up, Nour speaks about that Mermaid
And I think you did not expect this to happen. Tomorrow inshallah we know more about that Mermaid.

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  1. Dear Zeinobia, have you decided to forget the rest of the world during the month of Ramadan?


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