Tuesday, June 23, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.6 ”

We are still in the city of Gor listening to the tale of Sheikh Mansour and his only son Nour whom he ordered to get a job.
Tonight is our 6 episode from our tale this year , the tale of the Cursed lady’s Wall and I would dare say her Wonder Box with a golden lock as well.

Our tale goes on. For several days, Sheikh Mansour asked his son Nour whether he was working or not and everytime Nour would say that he found a job somewhere and got a whole Dinar from that job. And as usual the father stunned him and takes the Dinar to throw it from the window.
Till one night Sheikh Mansour asked his own son if he had found a new job and Nour answered him that he found a job at saddle maker and that he earned a whole dinar from working there for a day. The father once again asked his son to show him the Dinar. And just as Sheikh Mansour was on the verge of throwing it like the other Dinars , Nour cried and screamed begging his father not to throw that Dinar specifically.
At that moment,Wise Mansour turned to his son and told him “so now you got a real job and you are not lying like before, you worked hard and fear of losing what you have earned” 
It turned out that before that day, Sheikh Mansour knew that his son was lying and did not work and that his wife used to give Nour the Dinars.
Happy and proud with his son, Sheikh Mansour began to tell his own life story to his son …. and that’s another tale.

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