Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Once again we are back to ask if Egyptian boots were on Yemeni ground

Yesterday, Saudi-owned Al-Sharq Al-Aswat newspaper published news about the Saudi-led Arab Ground forces in Yemen claiming that the Egyptian ground forces would the Arab ground forces in Yemen soon.
A war warning " A front-page headline
from 1960s Al-Akhbar newspaper
over the Yemen crisis during then

Today afternoon Reuters published a report that turned Egypt’s social media upside down. Quoting two anonymous military sources, Reuters said that Egypt sent as many as 800 Egyptian soldiers to Yemen on Tuesday.
Four Egyptian units of between 150 to 200 troops along with tanks and transport vehicles arrived in Yemen late on Tuesday, two Egyptian security sources said.
This is from Reuters.
Same thing was reportedly published by DPA in Germany.
It caused a lot of noise whether in Egypt or Yemen.
Needless to say, the Yemenis were not welcoming that move and her I am referring to the Yemenis who fed up from both the Saudi-led coalition and the Houthis.
A group of Egyptians have launched this hashtag to express their refusal to send Egyptian ground forces in Yemen “#Egyptians_against_Egyptian_interfere_Yemen”
As I hinted before, Egyptians have a deep wound called “The war in Yemen of 1960s” where thousands of Egyptian soldiers and fighters got killed for useless war.
Hours later, Egyptian Pro-regime Youm 7 quoted unnamed presidential sources denying the Reuters’ report.
This is not the first time we hear and read about Egyptian ground forces in Yemen. If you remember in April, there were rumors that Egypt did send ground troops but they were denied by the Official spokesperson of Egyptian armed forces during then.
I remember that during then it was said that Egypt sent the rapid intervention forces to Saudi Arabia.
TO send additional troops especially ground troops, El-Sisi has got to meet the National Defense council according to the constitution and issues a presidential decree published in the Official state gazette.
Already the Egyptian armed forces announced a new escalated military operation in North Sinai against Daesh-affiliated Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis. It would be a bad move to send Egypt’s top ground troops units now to Yemen instead of North Sinai.
Personally, I would say that I would be surprised if he sent ground troops now with all the talks about huge Egyptian Saudi disagreement over Syria.
Already King Salman cancelled his visit to Egypt next week where as a high-security delegation from Damascus reportedly visited Cairo earlier last week.
Nevertheless to be honest for couple of months,  I wondered if El-Sisi sent the troops in secret to Yemen whereas he followed "The Wag the dog" plan to divert attention through the latest corruption cases creating noise in Egypt.
El-Sisi knows that he would lose a lot of popularity if he sends boots to the Yemeni ground , Egyptian generations are raised over fearing that Yemeni war curse.
Egypt has been participating in the Saudi-led coalition’s operation against Iranian-backed Houthis since day one in March with Naval units protecting the Bab El-Mandab strain.
The Egyptian air forces also participated in strikes as part of the coalition in April.
Anyhow there is no smoke without fire.Reuters won't published something like that except if there is happening. 


  1. I hope the Egyptian military does not participate in the war crimes being committed by the Saudi coalition. The blockade Is causing starvation of poor Yemeni children. Over six million Yemeni women and children are on the brink of starvation, but the Saudis keep bombing and enforcing the blockade. It is shameful and unislamic to starve children in war. There is zero chance of unifying Yemen under President Hadi. The Saudis have lost the war already. The only question is how many more Yemenis will be killed before the Saudis figure out how to admit their failure.

  2. Sisi's foreign policy: Fail in Libya, possibly get whopped in Yemen too. Spread chaos and destruction, destroy civilization.


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