Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Storming out of Presser does not help, Mr. PM

Earlier Tuesday, Egypt’s Prime minister Ibrahim Mahlab stormed out from a press conference with his Tunisian counterpart during to his visit to Carthage because a Tunisian journalist dared and asked him about the latest corruption scandal rocking his cabinet back in Cairo.
You can see what happened here.
Egypt’s PM storms out of a presser in Tunisia
Mahlab is in two-days visit to Tunisia
Tunisian journalist Miqdad Al-Majari asked Ibrahim Mahlab about the resignation of the agriculture minister Salah Helal and his arrest in Cairo because of his involvement in a huge corruption scandal yesterday.
He also hinted that Mahlab chose that minister and  he brought up the fact the name of Mahlab was included in the Mubaraks’ mansion case.
I do not recall that any journalist whether in Egypt or outside has confronted Mahlab in his direct involvement in that case.
Mahlab did not have any answer and walked away in that shameful way that does not suit the Prime Minister of Egypt or any country actually as you have seen.
He weakened his position already
In May 2014, Ousted President Mubarak and his sons Alaa and Gamal were sentenced three and four-year jail sentences on charges of embezzlement. To refresh your memory, I recommend reading Mada Masr’s investigative report about Mubarak’s mansions.

Now a side remark, choosing the ministers is not Mahlab’s responsibility only because there are intelligence and national security’s investigations about the candidates for ministerial positions and they must be approved by the presidency so far.
Now the Egyptian journalists in Tunisia accompanying Prime minister Mahlab say the Tunisian journalist is a Muslim Brotherhood member.
Al-Majari turned to be Islamist, but he asked a valid question anyone should ask.
Again, I do not care if that journalist is a Brotherhood member or not, Ibrahim Mahlab should have completed presser and answered the journalist in a calm way. This is how politicians deal with pressers worldwide.
Already if he can not deal with the questions of foreign journalist, he can ask his host not to hold one !!!! 
Honestly, I am not surprised of Mahlab’s action because Egyptian officials especially presidents and ministers are not used to be confronted with such type of questions or journalists.
Most of the journalists attended the official pressers in Egypt are the chosen ones who won’t dare cross the line with the government in any possible.
Anyhow, it seems that Mahlab had one of those bad Tuesday and he will have a lot to deal with when he returns back thanks to that big corruption probe taking place in Cairo.
Already the rumors mill does not stop and there is strong gossip that former Minister Salah Helal of agriculture won’t be the last and only minister to be involved in that huge corruption scandal.
Some are saying that there are between 7 to 9 other ministers involved in the investigation of that scandal including allegedly the ministers of religious endowment, higher education and justice !!! oh yes Justice !!!
Mahlab denied before travelling to Tunisia that there would be any ministerial reshuffle or any more ministerial resignations.
Nevertheless, there is no smoke without a fire.
Already I believe if 9 or 7 ministers turned to be involved in that huge corruption scandal then, Mahlab must step down.
Anyhow we will see.

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