Saturday, September 5, 2015

The ministry of education and breaking the Constitution For “National security concerns”

I do not know how many times the Egyptian constitution was violated by the governmental officials and the regime in general for the sake of the so-called “National security concerns”.
On Wednesday , Al-Shorouk newspaper reported that the Supreme council of Universities and exempted the officers and judges’ offspring from the new Geographic placement requirements when it comes to public Universities admission due to so called “National interest” of their parents’ work.
Cairo University
Ministry of higher education
That exemption is applied to the new students’ admission and transfer from another public universities in Egypt to the country’s top public universities, Cairo University and Ain Shams University in Grand Cairo zone.
This is the first year the ministry of high education and supreme council of Universities apply the new Public Universities admission system which depends on Geographic placement requirements as well the grades or scores of students in High school especially in the Egyptian High school system aka “Thanawya Aama”.
The geographic placements requirements stipulate that students must choose or admit to public universities in the zones they live in or nearby aside from their grades.
This is the first time this system is applied in Egypt. Personally I think that it is adopted in order to drop the number of students from other governorates in Cairo and Ain Shams Universities.
Anyhow now the officers and judges’ offspring are exempted from those requirements and they transfer from Universities in governorates to Cairo and Ain Shams Universities easily.
When Al-Shorouk newspaper asked the minister of higher education about the decision and he said that he did not want the officers and judges to get distracted in their work and worried about their children if they are in another governorate and that it was better to make them focus in their work affecting Egypt’s Nationals security !!!!!

Seriously !!?? What about doctors who need to focus in their work !?
Already realistically speaking usually officers and judges are delegated to governorates and cities outside Cairo zone and not vice-versa !!
I just want to tell that minister that in the United States officers and judges enroll in universities from coast to coast away from home and their parents do not lose their focus including those who work in the National security sector !!
According to Shorouk Newspaper,Ain Shams University stated it was following the orders of the Supreme council of Universities.
The head of Cairo University, Gaber Nasar is said to reject that exemption at first because it would violate the “Equal opportunities” principle but in the end he agreed.
It is worth to mention that the head of Cairo University is Constitutional Professor Gaber Nasar who knows exactly that he is breaking the constitution by accepting such discriminatory decision.
Well it is more than a violation to the “Equal opportunities” principles as it violates the Constitution and its articles above them article no.9 which says crystal clear that “The State shall ensure equal opportunities for all citizens without discrimination. "
Ironically those decisions gaps in the society and enforce that feeling that officers and judges are a ruling class in Egypt !!
Already those decisions can be challenged easily in front of the Supreme Constitutional Court but that needs support and a good lawyer.

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  1. What is happening in Guatemala gives an idea of the future for Arab regimes. One day, a critical mass of people will realize what pathetic parasites their ruling elites are and consequently put an end to them. Stupid ideas like repression will bring stability, stop terrorism, or produce prosperity and will be seen as the obscene shilling for elitism that they are.

    Arab regimes are shedding blood to uphold the idea that some citizens are superior to other ones.


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