Thursday, December 24, 2015

And here is how some Egyptians celebrated the Moulid in 2015

And this how some Egyptian celebrated the Moulid in 2015.
The Sufi orders from different governorates organized processions at Al-Hussein Mosque area celebrating the birth of Prophet Mohamed "PUBH", his grandfather.
Here are videos from the celebrations earlier Wednesday
From Ahram Online

mulid el nabi traditional march to El-Hussien mosque
Mulid el Nabi sufi march today from el gaafari mosque to al hussien
Posted by Ahram Online: Folk section on Wednesday, December 23, 2015
Photographer Roger Anis also took couple of news photos from the Sufi orders parade

Here are some photos by Sabry Khaled

And amazingly shot by photographer Hadeer Mohamed
A photo posted by Hadeer Mahmoud (@hadeermahmoud1) on

In Nile Delta , hundreds if not thousands participated in the celebrations like in Mounfia where AFP's photographer Mohamed El-Shahed covered those celebrations.

In Upper Egypt, festivities already started a couple of days ago with beautiful horse shows in the villages between tribes.
For the first time in my life, I know that in some quarters in Alexandria they distribute Sharbet celebrating the Moulid.
And as the feast is not one but two because Christmas eve is on Thursday, I would like this beautiful illustration for the Holy Family depicted in Egyptian Moulid Al-Nabawy style.

At night, the New Cairo Ritz Carlton added a very beautiful addition to Tahrir square celebrating both the Moulid and Christmas.
  by Mohamed El-Ra3y 
Merry Moulid once again.

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