Egyptian Chronicles: Meet Egypt's unique Moulid Christmas tree

Friday, December 25, 2015

Meet Egypt's unique Moulid Christmas tree

Location El-Tahrir Square, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Meet Egypt's unique Moulid Christmas tree, the latest addition to the unique Tahrir square thanks to Nile Ritz Carlton.
I do not think that in any place in the world that got that shape to celebrate both
Prophet Mohamed "PUBH" and Jesus' birthday anniversary in that unique way. Combining the Egyptian Moulid traditions with the Western Christmas traditions was more than fantastic.

In the heart of Tahrir square 

with flickering lights at night , the tree is attracting many people 
Already this tree or shape symbolizing the Christmas tree got on the top of it the famous shape of the sweet Moulid doll. 
It looks amazing at night with all the lights in the heart of Tahrir square.


My true respect to the designer who got this idea.
This is how the tree looks in the morning.
A minimalist design that many would think to be boring and ugly

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