Thursday, December 17, 2015

Can we expect Justice from that man !!??

Famous judge Nagy Shehata made wild headlines in the media earlier this week with his controversial extremely politicalized views as  well his reactions following that interview.
The story began on Saturday when Pro-regime Al-Watan Daily newspaper published an interview with Judge Nagy Shehata.
Shehata who earned notorious fame as the Judge of Al-Jazeera staff trial got very interesting views like:
  • He hates TV hosts like Mona El-Shazly and Sherif Amar because they are Mohamed ElBaradei supporters and he hates him. His reasoning is that both TV hosts had the former vice-president in their shows especially El-Shazly. Mona El-Shazly also hosted that boy aka Wael Ghonim in
    Judge Shehata in action by Hussein Talaal 
    her show during the 18 days.
  • He hates 25 January revolution so much to the level of calling it “25 Losses” that destroyed the Egyptian morals. He also called it a dirty revolution.
  • He hates 6 April Youth group and calls 6 “Satan”
  • He hates TV host Tamer Amin because he preaches people to behave when he sees him all the time in bars in Zamalek and Downtown Cairo. “So the respectable judge goes to bars !?”
  • He likes Pro-regime TV hosts Ahmed Mousa and Tawfik Okasha.
  • The high elections committee “HEC” did not give his reward for supervising the elections in Giza
  • He was called the military dog because he was a former army officer. “ Actually, I did not know that he was called that name nor he was an army officer”
As his interview began to go viral online creating a wave of anger among young people as it exposed him more and more as a biased person that should not be a judge, Shehata denied that had an interview in the first place.
He accused Al-Watan newspaper and its journalist of fabricating the interview. And so the newspaper had to defend itself. It published photos showing the journalist allegedly at Shehata’s house interviewing him.
The newspapers also released online parts of his interview as recorded audio. You do not mess with journalists those days.

Al-Watan newspaper also claims that he attacked the court of cassation for overturning his court rulings especially his death sentences, but it did not publish that part so it would not create a crisis in the Egyptian judiciary.

I do not know why the former army officer-turned-in to a judge denied that he gave that interview when his views about 25 January revolution and Mohamed ElBaradei were known before from previous interviews.

Anyhow, I do not understand how we can trust Nagy Shehata can represent justice or bring justice in the trials he oversees because it seems that there is bias in his views.

The man does not hide his hatred towards the 25 January revolution and its icons, thus how he had overseen trials related to the 25 January revolution protesters like the Cabinet HQ clashes without any bias against the protests or activists like Ahmed Douma.

The Cabinet HQ trial is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the high-profile cases that man oversaw like Al-Jazeera staff case and Rabaa control room case.

I do not understand either why Nagy Shehata is not suspended or even referred for investigation and disciplinary committee like his colleagues from judges who were supporting Mohamed Morsi as well other anti-Mubarak Pro-reformist judges for expressing political views publicly !??

If I am not mistaken, over 80 judges were suspended and referred to disciplinary committee for expressing their views publicly and supporting Mohamed Morsi publicly in the past 2 years.

Here is a man who declares his political views in the publicly in the media and at the same time, he oversees trials related directly to the 25 January revolution and its activists.
Justice says he should be treated in the same way.

And yes it is called 25 January revolution according to the most recent constitution we have in Egypt. Technically, Shehata violated that constitution by insulting 25 January revolution.

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