Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Merry Mawlid 1437-2015

Happy Mawlid Nabawy to all Muslim around the globe.
Today , Muslims celebrate the anniversary of Prophet Mohamed's"PBUH" birth aka El-Mawlid. 
Also just after 24 hours , Christians around the globe will celebrate Christmas , so it is a double celebration.
So Happy Mawlid Nabawy and Merry Christmas to everybody.
Today is a National Holiday in Egypt.

Mickey Mouse celebrating the Mawlid in 1960s Egypt 
Egyptians are now celebrating the Mawlid eating delicious sugary sweets.
Today Many Muslims online are celebrating Prophet Mohamed "PBUH" birth by sharing Sufi songs and Nasheed praising the prophet.
Here is an Arabic praise for the Prophet, it is actually a prayer calling God to praise Prophet Mohamed.

Now here is something unusual , a Sufi Celtic song by Al-Firadus Sufi ensemble. It is something new and different.
Thanks to dear friend H.Halleyer

 Merry Mawlid. 

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  1. so beautiful, happy and blessed holidays to you too Zee. Keep up the good work, its not in vain :) XX00


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