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Seen at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo : King Akhenaton's colored coffin

Seen at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo: The coffin of controversial ancient Egyptian King Akhenaton at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo.

Yes, this is widely believed to be the wooden coffin of the man that made a shortlived social, political and religious revolution the ancient world had not seen anything like before him in the recorded history. 

There is a lot to be said and discussed concerning the 18th dynasty controversial historical figure whom some believed from the early monotheists in the ancient world but let's focus here on what was believed to be his coffin at his section in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo. 

Here is a closer look for the coffin allegedly found in Luxor's Valley of the King in 1907 at KV55

The colored coffin of King Akhenaten at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo
A wider look than the Instagram shot :) 

The coffin was found desecrated with the golden funerary mask and cartouche destroyed. Someone did not want his soul to rest in its final journey to Aten. 
King Akhenaten's coffin at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo
The desecrated coffin's face
For a man whose name was erased by powerful priests and military men who were fed of his philosophies, you can expect more. 

There has been a long dispute about the identity of that ancient man in the coffin but thanks to the recent DNA, we know finally that that man was the son of 18th dynasty Amenhotep III and the father of King Tutankamen aka the Armana revolutionary leader Akenaten in February 2010. 

Now, this interesting finding blows up the claims of Ancient Aliens theorists claiming that Akenaten was an alien or hybrid being "half alien-half human" because of the elongated head. 

That mummy found in 2010 and believed to be the Atenism founder's is for a fully human being according to DNA tests 

FYI, I watch Ancient Aliens show to see how far those guys go and I noticed that History Channel's cash cow never ever mentioned to its audience that Akhenaten's possible mummy existed and his skull was available for testing.  
The skull found in the coffin at KV55
The skull found in the coffin at KV55
and yes it is elongated too 

I do not recall that Giorgio Tsoukalos or Ramy Romany or David Childress or Erich Von Dankein himself mentioned that if Akenaten was an alien or had traces of alien DNA, it would be shown in the DNA of his next of kin aka King Tut.

 I guess King Tut had enough medical examinations and it was fully established that he was a fully human being with foreign or alien DNA. 

All that band of ancient aliens theorists in the West forget to mention to their followers an important fact, Akhenaten did not suddenly come from nowhere, he was the son of a great King who came from one of the ancient history's greatest dynasty in the Modern Kingdom aka the 18th dynasty and the names of his ancestors as well as their tombs and mummies are there. 

Just because the modern mainstream archaeology does not have an answer for all our questions, it means aliens. 

Akhenaten was subject to huge discrimination in ancient history by both the Amun clergy and his dynasty's military who were sidelined because of his radical and revolutionary philosophies. It is enough to see how he was erased and was only brought to life 2000 years later by mainstream archaeology 

That ancient alien theory claiming that his alien or alien-human hybrid reminds me of those men thousands of years who decided to erase him as human being. 

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