Saturday, February 20, 2016

And the Protest law is broken once again

And once again the protest law is broken in Egypt massively in the same week as Cairo witnessed real protests against the police we have not seen like it in the past three years.
For the second day in a row, protests continue at the Popular areas of Darb El-Ahamr and Bab El-Khalak in Cairo over the murder of a small van driver by a low-ranking policeman on Thursday.
First of all, Egypt's ministry of interior announced late Thursday that it did arrest that low-ranking policeman.
Right after the Friday prayers, hundreds if not thousands of angry people mourned late Mohamed Ali Ismail, the truck drive and walked from Siada Nafissa to the cemeteries of old Cairo to bury him. Photos and video show really angry people who were chanting against the ministry of interior and policemen.
The funeral of Mohamed Ismail
The funeral heading to the cemetery
"Fadel Ibrahim" 
The funeral of Mohamed Ismail
Hundreds if not thousands of mourners at
the funeral of the 24-years van driver " Hazem Abdel Hamed" 

In that video , mourners at the cemetery chant "No God but Allah and the police is the enemy of God" !!
Video interviews taken during the funeral show huge anger not only aimed at the ministry of interior but also at the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi himself.
A lady to Sisi : The youth are killed like chicken
That lady , who seems to be from the working class is wondering about Jika "The political activist killed during Morsi's rule" and Shaimaa El-Sabbagh. Yes, she knows them.
Angry lady to Sisi : Justice ya Sisi
From his side, Sisi had an urgent meeting with Minister of interior Magdy Abdel Ghafer in Sharm El-Sheikh.
After the meeting, the Egyptian presidency issued a statement announcing that the president ordered "legislative amendments" to regulate the security forces' performance in the Egyptian street and to guarantee that those who "violate citizen rights unjustly be punished".
The statement added that the legislative amendments were to be presented to parliament for discussion within the next 15 days.

اجتمع السيد الرئيس عبد الفتاح السيسي اليوم بشرم الشيخ بالسيد اللواء مجدي عبد الغفار وزير الداخلية. وصرح السفيرعلاء يوسف ...
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After the funeral, the people of Darb Al-Ahamr returned back to protest at Cairo security directorate for hours.
The protest at Cairo security directorate
The protesters at Cairo security directorate by "Adham Ahmed"
This time, they had demands: 
1- The dismissal of the minister of interior.
The demands of the people of Darb Al-Ahamr
The demands of the people in Darb El-Ahamr 
2- The execution of policeman who killed Mohamed Ismail.
3- Closing down the low-ranking policemen institute.
4- To stop the direct contact between the low-ranking policemen and the people.
5- To transfer immediately the Cassation court prison from Darb El-Ahamr.
For hours, the people blocked the traffic there till security forces dispersed them.
This movement in Darb El-Ahamr shows that revolution is not dead at all or failed but rather it is going on.
Friday evening, the Prosecution decided to detain the low-ranking policeman 4 days pending investigations on charges of intended murder.
Breaking the protest law publicly started this year with the Doctors syndicate's historical general assembly and ironically that historical turnout of doctors happened because 9 low-ranking policemen broke the law and assaulted doctors.
I do not know if it will continue like that or not but 2016 seems to be different.

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