Friday, February 19, 2016

Do we need an "Egyptian Lives matter" campaign again !?

From few hours ago, we found out that another low-ranking policeman killed a citizen, a taxi driver in what you consider a tragic finale for a week full of violations that reach to the level of crimes committed by low-ranking policemen in Egypt.
Thursday evening, news spread online that a low-ranking policeman shot down a truck-driver after a fight in Darb Al-Ahamr area and that the people in the area allegedly killed the policeman in retaliation.
Indeed, a low-ranking policeman shot a truck-driver, 24-years old Mohamed Ali Ismail in a fight over the fare but he fled the scene according to Cairo security directorate which is few blocks away from the crime scene.
Late Mohamed Ismail
Late Mohamed Ismail, a small truck driver  was killed on Thursday
Eye witnesses say that the low-ranking policeman was beaten by the angry people to the level that they thought he died and that other policemen and informants help him to flee the scene.
He accompanied another man allegedly his relative who was also beaten till near death but was transferred to hospital.
Things escalated so fast and the murder sparked protests in Darb Al-Ahamr.
Darb Al-Ahamr is a very populated popular class area where people actually suffer from the violations and harassments of the low-ranking policemen.Hundreds of protesters gathered in front of Cairo security directorate chanting against the ministry of interior angrily "You dirty government, you sons of bitches", " The ministry of interior are thugs"
Cairo security directorate
At Cairo security directorate by journalist Omar El-Hady
The protest at the security directorate
Angry protesters by photographer Roger Anis 

Police officers tried to calm them but in vain.
The angry protesters also organized rallies to Ahmed Maher hospital where late Ismail's body was to express their anger blocking the traffic for hours.
At Ahmed Maher Hospital
At Ahmed Maher Hospital in Darb Al-Ahamr
 by journalist Omar El-Hady

They also protested in front of the famous Haraz herbs and spices shop where the crime took place as the shop turned to have a CCTV.
Here is the video captured by @Fadel Ibrahim.
The CCTV footage
Following the protests and in an attempt to calm angry locals down, the ministry of interior claimed that the 24-years old truck driver was killed by mistake vowing at the same time to arrest the low-ranking policeman.
Well, killing people by mistake does not need three bullets in the head and in the stomach according to the General Prosecution as well to eye witnesses!!
The crime scene
The crime scene by photographer Roger Anis 
Here is a video from Al-Masry Al-Youm from the crime scene including the eye-witnesses' accounts which detail what happened. It was an argument over the fare that turned deadly when the low-ranking policeman insulted the young truck driver by his mother and the late Mohamed Ismail told him not to call his mother names. The low-ranking policeman then took his gun and shot him in his head !!
Al-Masry Al-Youm : eye-witnesses' accounts

At the same time, the head of Cairo security directorate met with the deceased driver's sister vowing to arrest the low-ranking policeman.
Meeting the victim's relative
The head of Cairo security directorate with the late driver's sister
"The Egyptian ministry of interior" 
News reports say that at three police stations including El-Siyada Zeinab and Darb Al-Ahamr closed their doors for fear of protests.

You can feel that the ministry of interior is worried about an escalation in that popular area as well mobilization. I am amazed to see such number protesting on Thursday already.

Do we need an "Egyptian Lives matter" campaign now so the police and the ministry of interior as well the regime understands what we want !?
It is worth to mention the "We are all Khaled Said" movement started like "Black lives matter" and we all know what happened next.
It is worth to mention also that Khaled Said was killed brutally by two low-ranking policemen.

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