Friday, April 15, 2016

Back to Tahrir Fridays for the sake of Tiran and Sanafir

Many Egyptians have declared online that they are going to protest on Friday the Egyptian government's decision to hand over Tiran and Sanafir isles to Saudi Arabia after redrawing our maritime borders.

That decision was not announced now or today but rather earlier this week as soon as the Egyptian government declared the shocking news to the public.

It started with Facebook events calling Egyptians to protest once again in Tahrir square against the decision of the Egyptian administration. I do not know who is behind those events but the most popular Facebook page is "Land is the honor Friday".

That page attracted alone more than 36,000 people who said that they were going and 73,000 others said that they were interested. The initial plan is the original plan like the old days , heading to Tahrir square in Cairo from 30 mosques and churches after Friday

April 6 Youth Movement with its branches declared its full support the protests and organized its own event "Over our dead body". Late Thursday , the political youth movement whose coordinators are currently in jail issued a short statement saying the meeting point will be at 4 PM at the journalists syndicate in Cairo. 

The political movement organized earlier Thursday afternoon a flash mob protest on October 6 bridge in the heart of Cairo.
April 6 youth protest handing over Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia
April 6 youth protesting the decision on 6 October bridge
"Sayed AlMasre"

This was not the first protest for Tiran and Sanafir on Thursday as a group of young lawyers organized a small protest at the Lawyers syndicate in Downtown Cairo against the government decision.

Despite, that they did not declare that they were going to participate in the protests directly, 4 Egyptian political parties and movements declared that they supported the right of the Egyptian people to express themselves freely.

Those parties and movements are : Strong Egypt Party , Misr El-Horreya Party, April 6 Youth movement "Two branches", Revolutionary socialists, Youth for Justice and Freedom.

The Constitution Party also issued a strong statement declaring that it was giving political cover to its members who are going to protest tomorrow telling the Muslim Brotherhood to step aside and the ministry of interior not to escalate.

The Constitution party had already demanded President El-Sisi to cancel the agreement and dismiss the cabinet for signing that agreement. The social democratic party demanded El-Sisi to apologize as well.

I have read also Egyptian intellectuals and writers were going to organize a protest at Talaat Harb square ,which is a block from Tahrir square Friday afternoon.

You can see that the usual Pro-25 January revolution parties are leading the movement aka the usual suspects.

Yes , the Muslim Brotherhood appeared in the scene or least one of its fighting branches appeared and declared that it was going to participate on Thursday. 

More Egyptians used to announce that they are going to participate in the protests till the Muslim Brotherhood decided to join the protest Thursday.

Morally and theoretically, the Muslim Brotherhood members have the right like any other Egyptian to protest peacefully the decision to hand over the isles.

But realistically speaking , there are fears from Non-Islamist political powers and parties that the MB is going to hijack the event and turned into another "We want Morsi back" that's why some people are having a second thought.

Other People declared that they would go to Tahrir square regardless what and that they would kick the MB protesters' asses if they raise any other slogans than the agreed slogan about "

Yes, there is still mistrust and many revolutionary groups and parties blame the MB for what happened in the first three years of the revolution and the MB is still blaming them for what happened on 3 July and what followed it.

Interestingly , leading MB member Amr Darrag declared that he and a number of pro-Moris public figures currently abroad were going to protest but without holding any partisan slogan , only the Egyptian flags.

FYI , the MB is currently in Egypt and outside split into teams fighting each others. The first team is the old generation in the Brotherhood which is said to be currently in indirect talks with the Egyptian regime through Saudi Arabia and the second team is the youth generation. The MB statement is issued on the Youth statement.

And the Egyptian regime and its ministry of interior should be very thankful to the Brotherhood because now they are using the same old game that "The Muslim Brotherhood" is going to protest..etc.

The Muslim Brotherhood has been officially designated a terrorist organization in Egypt by the government since November 2013

 Needless to say , the Egyptian authorities took its first precaution and closed Sadat Metro station in Tahrir square. It always starts with this

I do not know how it will be on Friday and whether those calls will attract people or not but I know that I have not seen that angry spirit like in the past three years.

It is worth to mention that it is getting like a snowball when it comes to protesting the Regime's decision about Tiran and Sanafir as it started with 5 people protesting then we find students protesting in university here and a group standing at the famous journalists staircase there.

Honestly , I do not know how it will be.
But I think the social media sent a strong message to the regime. 

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