Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Do not blame us for Regeni probe fiasco, MR.President !!

I have not forgotten what happened in the Giulio Regeni's case with all the controversy and shocks we are having following the decision of the Egyptian administration to hand over the Tiran and
Regeni in Cambridge in 2008
Sanafir isles to Saudi Arabia.
Needless to say , the isles controversy overshadowed Regeni's case but there are important ongoing developments in the case.

Anyhow, it is back to the scene with President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi's speech or the so-called "Egyptian family meeting" as the President blamed the media and the social media for making Italians believe that the 28-years-old political researcher was tortured and killed by security forces affecting our perfect relations with Italy.

He even wondered if he had to his "battalions" online to make it close circuit !!!

I hate to break the news to the President but it is not the media or that bunch of bad people sitting in the social media but it is the Italian government.

It seems to me that the Egyptian president forgot that the Egyptian prosecution and police sent a team in Italy that had only two meetings before the Italian PM , his best friend Matteo Renzi would recall the Italian ambassador to Cairo for consultations.
The Italians do not want anything except the truth.
I do not think that the Italian government takes decisions based on Egyptian people's tweets and Facebook posts.
Of course, the Egyptian authorities claim that actually Italy took that decision after they refused to release allegedly "large volume of calls logs" of Regeni and his associates in Egypt as well the logs in the area he was last seen there.
The Egyptian officials say that that was against the Egyptian constitution.
I am happy that the Egyptian officials suddenly remember that the Egyptian Constitution speaks about the right of privacy for citizens.
I just wish that they have remembered that when MP Abdel Rahim Ali used to air alleged phone calls from public figures and activists on air !!
BY the way , it seems that the Italian government was concerned that the Egyptian government was spying on its team of investigators who came to Cairo !!! I do not think that the Italian government had that concern from the Egyptian media !!
The Italian officials were using "Signal" app for to communicate back home according to Italian press !!
Instead of blaming us ,  Sisi should ask why the Egyptian official delegation went to Rome with  a 30-pages in Arabic of investigations about that alleged criminal gang according to the Italian press.
The Italian government already did not buy that gang theory since day one. 
Also, it is not the Italian government only who is demanding to know the truth about Regeni, as the UK foreign and commonwealth office called for a full and transparent investigation into the murder.
The statement comes after a petition with more than 10,000 signatures demanded the UK government to ensure the full investigation into the case of Regeni , who was Ph.D. student at Cambridge University.
If Sisi is angry from the media in Egypt then he must be angry at his Pro-Sisi media which is back to claim that Regeni was a spy !!
Before I forget , it turns out that there is "Social media bill" currently drafted to organize the use of social media network in Egypt.
I swear this is too much.
By the way , Some relatives of the 5 suspects who were killed and accused by the police to be involved in Regeni's torture and murder are reportedly have been arrested after speaking to the media.
According to human rights lawyer Halem Hanish , the 5 men's relatives were detained at the High State security and were allegedly pressured to confess that that their relatives killed Regeni.


  1. 1984 by George Orwell.

    A "Social Media Bill"?? 1984 has all the signs, details and answers.

  2. Well done, ya Zeinobia! Thoughtful and logical - things that are sadly missing in these times.


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