Saturday, April 30, 2016

Those detainees related numbers speak about huge problem in Egypt now

The Front to Defend Egypt's protesters "FDEP" issued a very alarming statistics on Thursday about political detainees arrested in the past two weeks by security forces over Tiran and Sanafir islands.
On April 25 , Egyptian protester hiding in Massaha square from security
forces "by Mohamed El-Shahed/Getty Images" 

According to the grassroots movement made to defend protesters in Egypt after 2011 , in the past two weeks not less than 1200 people were arrested in Egypt because of Tiran and Sanafir islands.
Here are the numbers the Front published in Front's statement :
  • 1277 cases of arrest and detention have been recorded from 15 to 27 April 2016 in 22 governorates , specifically at 91 police stations.
  • 1277 documented cases of arrest include 577 arrest cases that  have been officially charged and referred to the prosecution , 618 arrest cases that have been released without charges and 81 unknown cases as their legal situation is unclear.
  • Most cases were documented on 25 April where 711 cases of arrests have been counted then on 15 Aril with 386 cases ,22 April with 87 cases and 24 April with 37 cases.
  • When it comes to age pattern , 1225 adults have been reportedly arrested vs. 52 juveniles arrested
  • 1170 were males and 107 were females.
These numbers are from 15 April to 27 April. The numbers were updated earlier 28 April.

Here is a spreadsheet with all the documented cases gathered by the "FDEP".

On Thursday , Giza prosecution referred 109 people to misdemeanor court over the 25 April protests. Some lawyers say that the number increased into 207 !!!

On Thursday,  Egypt's journalists presented 17 legal complaints to Prosecutor General against the minister of interior Magdy Abdel Ghafer over the violations committed by the security forces against journalists on 25 April.
A photo showing journalists and photographers protesters
at the General Prosecutor office, Downtown Cairo on Thursday
By Asmaa Nassar
Journalists organized a rally from their syndicate to the office of the Prosecutor General on that day.
According to the officials of the Journalists syndicate, there had been 47 journalists that were arrested on 25 April while doing their job. They are released now except 2 journalists currently detained.
Journalism is not a crime : Egyptian journalists tell the world
by Mohamed El Ra3y
You must know that there is a lot of confusion about the arrests taking place in Egypt in the past two weeks because there are reportedly arbitrary arrests in the streets.

Here is a short video showing a young man wearing blue shirt walking in the street on 25 April was arrested suddenly. "Originally shot by Al-Watan TV"

Young men are worried now that they can get arrested over their mobile phone inspections and offensive anti-Sisi pictures or photos are found !!!
Not to mention the crackdown is widened to include lawyers and human rights activists.
Those numbers show a big problem. It is not about the two isles as it seems.
It is about that fact the regime seriously does not want youth to return back to the streets for any political reason what so ever.
Today it is for the two islands , tomorrow it will be for freedoms !! The regime knows it starts with a little crack in the wall and it does not want repeat Mubarak's regime according to their point of view.
Of course , what the Egyptian regime is doing now will make things worse.

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  1. 1277 cases of a arests. Only in Egypt ???!!!
    And this after 25th January Revolution !!!!!


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