Sunday, June 12, 2016

#Ramadan Arabian Nights 2016 : King Rokn El-Zaman's tale "Ep.7"

We will have a very interesting episode tonight.
Tonight is our seventh episode from our tale this year , the tale of King Rokn El-Zaman and his family which was written by renowned author Abbas Al-Aswani.
It is interesting how there are so many events in the episode in 13-15 minutes episode.
Here is the 769th episode of the Thousands and one nights Radio show after the break.

And as Shoms is complaining on how much she she missed her prince , she find him and her brother coming to her. Prince Hassan introduces Shoms to his brother Safwan who praises her beauty.
On the other hand , their father King Rokn El-Zaman finds out about evil Vizier Samsem after a citizen presented a complaint to him about the vizier's injust treatment to the citizens.
The King decides to go undercover to know more about his citizens' problems.

Arabian Nights

Samsem still does not understand the connection between the Royal family and Dahman and so he heads directly to the very old and sick Dada.
After threatening the old midwife , evil Vizier knows the truth : Queen Nourhan actually bought Dahman and Kawkab's baby boy from 18 years ago.

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  1. I was in March in Egypt, and I already miss everything in Egypt.
    Hope to be back soon.
    Ramadan karim.


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