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Unionist's contradicting statements , 5 dead men got no link to Regeni : The probe continues

From two weeks ago , Egypt's Prosecutor General Nabil Sadek issued a statement in Rome about the latest progress in Giulio Regeni's murder investigation and cooperation with Italian Prosecutor as well investigations.
Giulio Regeni
Late Giulio Regeni 

Sadek revealed in the statement that Egyptian police had investigated and followed late Regeni briefly before his murder but suspended the operation after 3 days only when it was found that there was nothing suspicion about him.

Another important revelation in the Egyptian prosecutor general statement in Rome  There are "doubts" regarding the link between Regeni and that so-called gang that was killed in March by security forces.

Now the Egyptian government admits that Giulio Regeni was on its radar , even for some time despite all the denials in the beginning.

This progress happens after 9 months and huge unprecedented Italian escalation that affected the Egyptian-Italian relations.The Italian ambassador has not returned back to Cairo up till now following the decision of the Italian government to recall him over the Regeni probe and the cooperation with the Egyptian government.

Regeni and the street vendors unionists of West Cairo 

According to the details revealed in the Egyptian media , the 26-years old Cambridge student who was working on PhD about independent unions in Egypt was reported to the Egyptian authorities by the head of street vendors independent syndicate.

Allegedly, Regeni contacted the head of that independent syndicate for an interview and the man felt suspicious and decided to report the Italian researcher to security forces as a good citizen.
I am afraid that what has been said in the international and Egyptian media from several months ago. I remember the first journalists to speak about the Street vendors independent syndicate in West Cairo and its head as well their relation to Regeni were Ahmed Ragab and Mostafa El-Marsafawy in Al-Masry Al-Youm in late February.
In their last long investigative report in Al-Masry Al-Youm independent newspaper , Ragab and El-Masrafawy explored what was known about Regeni during then in Egypt speaking with his friends and members of the street vendors syndicate who spoke with Regeni.

Interestingly, the head of West Cairo's Street vendors syndicate Mohamed Abdullah said in that interview in February that he met Giulio Regeni for nearly ten times , hinting out that he did not report to the authorities then despite he was suspicious of him.
Interestingly he added that Regeni used to meet and have a chat with the street vendors at Ahmed Helmi market in Cairo's downtown and that "half of those vendors are security informants". Well it is common belief in Cairo that street vendors are actually informants.

Even more interestingly in the same report , police officers in two police stations "Shobra and Azbakia" supervising that market denied completely that Regeni had gone there as they got officers and cameras all over the place and were not informed about him.It is a very good point because a foreign man would definitely catch attention in that bus station-turned-into market allocated by Cairo governorate to Downtown Cairo street vendors.

The Reuters report who caused a lot of controversy about Regeni quoting anonymous sources speaking about the alleged arrest of Regeni at Azbakia police station. The Egyptian interior ministry denied completely what was mentioned in the Reuters' report  and the head of Azbakia police station decided to fill a complaint against the internationally renowned news agency which was in true hot waters then.
Unionist Mohamed Abdullah "Facebook"
Abdullah was a journalist who turned to be a street vendor

Reuters is still insisting to what it claimed in April as in August, it published another special report about Giulio Regeni and in it spoke about that "a leader of one union who said that another union figure likely talked to the police about Regeni after the Italian refused to buy the second man a mobile phone and overseas flights."

Interestingly , in Al-Masry Al-Youm report it was mentioned that Regeni complained to one of his Egyptian friends about one of the officials in Street vendors syndicate.
As soon as the statement of the Egyptian Prosecutor in Rome reached Cairo , journalists began to shower the head of the street vendors syndicate Mohamed Abdullah with photo calls and inquiries about his relation with the late Italian student whose body was found in Giza early February extremely and brutally mutilated.

Amazingly , Abdullah told Independent Al-Shorouk Daily that he did not report Giulio Regeni to the security forces despite he was suspicious and that he was surprised when he heard about the Prosecutor's statement.

" I am ready to sacrifice if this would end the case and calm things between Egypt and Italy" The head of the street vendors syndicate said in his interview to Al-Shorouk on 10 September 2016.
Now on 11 September 2016, Aswat Masriya published an interview with Abdullah who claimed that he did report Regeni to the authorities because he felt suspicious about the late Italian student's questions !!
A very interesting change indeed !!

The Five-men gang and their link to Regeni

The part related to the head of street vendors syndicate and the fact that late Regeni was on the  Egyptian security's radar for some time before his death were not the only interesting part in Nabil Sadek's statement.

Do you remember that gang whose alleged members were all killed by security forces and later was accused of having Regeni's IDs as well Italy handbags because you know Italians move around in foreign countries with handbags with Italian flag badge  ?
Their names were : Salah Ali, Saad Tarek, Tarek Abdel Fattah , Mostafa Bakr "from one family" and Ibrahim Farouk.
Tarek Abdel Fattah with his daughter Rasha and her husband Salah Ali
Both Abdel Fattah and Ali are suspected members the gang
"CNN/Courtesy Rasha Tarek" 
Do you remember when Italy made it clear that the Italians would not buy any attempt to accuse that alleged gang of five of being involved in Regeni's disappearance or awful murder ?

Well , the Prosecutor General's statement revealed that there were "doubts" regarding the link between Regeni and that alleged gang. In other words or according to my understanding , there is no connection between Regeni and that alleged gang.

Now, we have to raise questions about those gang members , the five men who were allegedly killed in an exchange of fire with security forces. Their families have been insisting that five men were innocent and were not involved in Regeni's murder or theft and were actually victims of the police.
The Prosecutor general is investigating the incident of those five men but I do not think that we will know the truth anytime soon.

I can not ignore the fact that the mainstream media in Egypt portrayed them as the murderers of Regeni in the 48 hours despite the Egyptian interior ministry made it clear that Regeni's items were only found at the suspects' homes.

Sadly , it is no longer Regeni's case only but Regeni and five men many people suspect that they died for nothing.

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