Sunday, September 18, 2016

F-A Artwork Presents : Saint Catherine Mount in 4K

F-A Artwork team on Facebook presents Saint Catherine Mount in 4K time-lapse.

Saint Catherine - Timelapse 4K from F-A Artwork on Vimeo.
It is really beautiful and magical.
You should check the work of Egyptian photographers Fady Hesham and Ahmed Tarek at their F-A Artwork's official Facebook page and like it to follow their amazing work across Egypt.
Here are amazing photos by Hesham and Tarek from the amazing Sinai.
A mountain  somewhere in Sinai "F-A Artwork"
It looks like from another world 
The Turquoise shore of Taba, South Sinai  "F-A Artwork" 

The amazing Fjord bay in Taba, South "F-A Artwork" 

Egypt is beautiful. Those places really exist.
After you watch that video and see those photos. I hope you pray for or remember then the four Egyptian hikers who passed away in a blizzard in St. Catherine Mount in 2014.

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