Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Seen in Giza : A Ford Model A up for sale

The Ford Model A

You will never know what can you meet in the streets of Egypt nowadays !! Today I saw that Ford Model A classical car in a Giza street near the Saudi Embassy and Turkish Embassy. 
The car seems in a need for a little renovation to be like that. 
Ford Model A
Ford Model A in a better shape in the States

The car is up for sale and if you are interested, you can contact its owner on that number: 01276666049.
I do not know the owner but this is what is written on that piece paper on the windshield. 
I do not know how much it is worth but I will guess a fortune especially with the high dollar price in Egypt.
I do not know much about the history of motors in Egypt but checking the very informative website, it seems that Ford cars entered Egypt in the late 1910s. 

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