Friday, December 30, 2016

Signal censored Once again in Egypt "Updated"

It was too good to be true.
On Wednesday, I knew by accident that Signal is once against blocked in Egypt and people are using VPN once again to bypass the block.
I have tried it personally on both mobile phone "Orange 3G & 4G" and desktop "TEData & Orange DSL" and it turned to be true. I can not send or receive any message.

Updated: The service is back once again without VPN, I have tested on 30 December and it worked fine on both iPhone and desktop

Last week, Open Whisper System confirmed that its app "Signal" was censored in Egypt after reports and complaints of users inside the country.

In the same week, a new update was released adding censorship circumvention for Signal users in Egypt and UAE.

It worked few days before the service was blocked altogether once again in Egypt. I do not know about UAE.

If you live in Egypt and want to use Signal, it seems that the VPN is your only option for the current time.
Interestingly, the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority "NTRA" has not issued or commented on censoring Signal so far according to my knowledge.
By the way, Egypt's House of Representatives is going to discuss the upcoming infamous cyber crime law in January.

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