Saturday, December 17, 2016

The attack on media figures at El-Botroseya Church : Beyond the anger

Earlier Monday, Cairo witnessed the funerals of 23 Egyptian Christians after their murder in the awful El-Botroseya Church bombing.
In the afternoon and during the official funeral ceremony, Egypt's President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi announced for the first time the name of the suspected suicide bomber who allegedly blew up the Church.
On the same day, the interior ministry issued a  statement accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of standing behind the attack.
Then Daesh declared its responsibility for the bombing on Tuesday.
Since Monday, the debates and conspiracy theories have not stopped about whether this suspect did it or not. In nutshell, many people disbelieve the government and ISIS. To be precise the government more because simply the government or the Egyptian regime is not the most transparent one.

I won't go into details about that. I won't speak either about terrorism and the situation of Egyptian Christians because there is nothing more or new can be said.
All what can be and should be said in those two matters have been said before and I am afraid we are going to say it again. "Hopefully not"
I would like to speak now about something that happened following the bombing of the church that nobody spoke about as it should.
After the explosion, at least three prominent Pro-regime TV hosts were attacked by angry Egyptian Christians protesting outside the church.

Hundreds of angry Egyptian Christians protested angrily for several hours outside El-Botroseya Church, which is beside the main St. Marks Coptic Orthodox Cathedral Church in Cairo. They were so angry that they did not let the minister of interior to visited the bombed church.
They also attacked and kicked out those Pro-hosts in a way that makes you ask questions about the public and the propaganda.
Notorious anti-25 January TV host Ahmed Moussa was attacked and kicked outside the Church as he attempted to interview the people on air for his Ultra-Pro-regime/Close to the regime.

Here is a video
Kicking out Ahmed Moussa as filmed by Al-Masry Al-Youm
It is worth to mention those who were following him on TV said that the channel stopped the live broadcast from the Church when people began to attack the security and the ministry of interior.
Then we got bigger-than-life Riham Saeed who was also attacked and kicked out by the angry people there.
Here are videos

Attacking and kicking out Riham Saeed as filmed by Al-Masry Al-Youm

Kicking out Riham Saeed as filmed by Tahrir news
For the record Riham Saeed and Ahmed Moussa are used to that.

Saeed was kicked out of Ras Gharib town in Red Sea governorate two months ago after the heavy rains and floods when she began to praise the governor whom the people demanded his dismissal.
Moussa is used to be attacked and beaten by Muslim Brotherhood supporters abroad whenever he accompanies El-Sisi in tours whether in Europe or the US.

Then we got the attack of Lamis El-Hadidy, the worst attack of all.
Here are the videos speaking about the attack

The attack on Lamis El-Hadidy as filmed by VETO

Former TV host and current MP Abdel Rahim Ali is said to be attacked and kicked out of the Church and its surrounding area by angry protesters.
I have not seen videos or photos of him being attacked.

The three appeared later on TV care less vowing that those who attacked them would be arrested describing them as infiltrators and Muslim Brotherhood members because they got beards !!
Christian men also grow beards you know like other men on this planet.

What happened to those TV hosts and reporters speaks about something bigger and makes us wonder if something has changed in the public mood.

Those are well known Pro-regime TV hosts who present the regime's views on a daily and weekly basis, especially in the past three years.
Allegedly those TV hosts are the most powerful and most watched but it seems no more.
In the first real public anger, those TV hosts were attacked in Egypt like that.
Lamis El-Hadidy protected by some man from the
angry protester "Screenshot"
I do not know if they were attacked because they represent the regime or the people had enough from their lies or they just hate them personally.
What I know that the regime is losing credibility with the people.
 We should not forget that those people who attacked them are from the Egyptian Christians, whom the regime considered to be on its side.

But the regime itself forgets that they only support it for fear of Islamist groups and for the sake of security only.

The regime also forgets that public in Egypt is not dumb, the majority used to watch to Bassem Youssef every week to making fun of those TV hosts and their hypocrisy and ignorance.

Many people cheered for their attack especially Ahmed Moussa and Lamis El-Hadidy
because of their incitement in the past against other Egyptians including activists.

The trio is considered masters in incitements and there is no doubt in a democratic Egypt that triumphs human rights , laws and citizenships they will be held accountable for what they say.
I totally understand their view.

When I read the news of Ahmed Moussa , all what I can think about it was karma.
But then I saw the videos of Lamis El-Hadidy and the horror look on her face and how people reacted. It was terrifying.
I think we should be worried a lot because what we saw in the video is extremely anger that can explode at any time.
This little incident can speak a lot 


  1. So the only spot the copts and muslim brothers shared in intimate touch is the back-head of Ahmed Mousa!

  2. OMG. Somebody shot some ambassador somewhere. Please folks, that's how wars start.

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