Monday, December 19, 2016

The unforgettable scene : Russian ambassador to Ankara's assassination

It was meant to be a scene to be remembered by the whole world when it was planned, it was meant to be a message heard in the whole world.
Thus Russian ambassador to Turkey 1954-born Andrei Karlov was shot down by 22-years old Turkish policeman Mevlut Mert Aydintas at the Contemporary Arts center in the Turkish capital where the Russian embassy was hosting "Russia in the eyes of Turks" exhibition.

Mevlut Mert Aydinatas killed the Russian ambassador because of Syria and Aleppo.

That moment captured by AP's Burhan Ozbilici
As we live the age of social media, the assassination was recorded and the whole world saw Aydinates standing like defocused black grim reaper behind Karlov minutes before he would pull his gun shooting him down.
It was a matter of minutes as captured by AP's Burhan Ozbilici

Moments AP photographer Burhan Ozbilici did not know that moment that he would snap a moment that would turn lives upside down.
The man went to the exhibition because it was on his way from work to home !!

22-years old Turkish police officer Aydintas by AP's Burhan Ozbilici
22-years old Turkish police officer Aydintas by AP's Burhan Ozbilici 
"Do not forget Aleppo, do not forget Syria, only death can take me from here" The young Turkish police officer declared in Turkish in his Arab-Turkish short speech before he was shot down in his fancy suit.
As an Egyptian tweep said, Turkish drama does not come from nothing  !!!
Karlov is the second Russian ambassador to be assassinated in service since the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Poland in 1927 according to NY Times.
22-years old Turkish police officer Aydintas by AP's Burhan Ozbilici
22-years old Turkish police officer Aydintas by AP's Burhan Ozbilici 
I do not know Turkish to follow Turkish news reports and I do not trust Russian media.
What I see that young 22-years old police officer can not be the sole planner of such act.

From true Islamic religious point of view, ambassadors are prohibited to be killed or attacked.
But tonight it was real about Islam despite the short old poetic verses the young Turk said in Arabic, it was about Aleppo and Syria.

Many Arab social media users are cheering for the assassination of the ambassador wondering why they would care for the ambassador when Russia killed thousands in Syria directly and indirectly and the world stood still. I saw even a poem in Arabic dedicated to Aydintas who avenged for the nation not only for Syria.
Two wrongs do not make right ... in a perfect world and we are not in a perfect world. All lines are blurred.
I can safely say from what I see only that there are growing anti-Russian sentiments as well anti-Iranian sentiments because of Syria that are replacing the anti-American sentiments.

Today I read that the Russian state TV described the murder of the US ambassador to Libya in Benghazi in 2012 as a boomerang effect for the US intervention in the region.
I think Russia was hit by this boomerang tonight.

All what, I know for sure now the blood cycle won't stop.


  1. You are correct, I forgot all about the Benghazi Attack which took the Ambassador's life as well as some others with him. :( ...A boomerang effect. So true! Now, it was Russia's karma. However, I can also imagine the shooter and the victim on the floor, meeting up on the other side of the veil, where there is no "time" per se. What a strange meeting that will be.

    THEN...thousands get killed here and there ,but things do not get to that extend??..amazing!!..history tells World War One began with one bullet or two shot in Austria... caused the demise of 17 MILLION>>DEAD,20 Million.>injured/maimed . on the other hand if one German had the courage to assassinate HITLER he may have saved 100 MILLION or over, lives??..or even Half of that amount,STILL!! in 1958 in Beirut/Lebanon 6 months civil war began with the Assassination of one ordinary journalist Late/Martyr Mr.NASSIB METNI..outcome thousands dead...mostly innocent civilians by stray shootings or booby traps,But when a very infamous Late Martyr Mr.KAMEL MROU-WEH been shot on duty in 1966...caused no disputes?? Even though that was fine,but the CONTRADICTION is baffling!..ALSO many more killed SINCE 1966,but were victims of unfortunate circumstances,or being in the wrong place at the wrong time?? it was in the case of a whole communities ,example? The ARMENIAN genocide 1915...While the world was busy in 1.5 INNOCENTS MARTYRED...The same in ALGIERS(N.Africa) in civil conflict/battle with France in 1950s...lots of other Ambassadors/Diplomats/Envoys/Journalists been killed Everywhere for the last 6o years., without forgetting the Late / and GREAT Lebanese Prime Minister Ungforgettable Martyr Mr. RAFFIQ AL HARRIRY in 2005 which led the withdrawal of the Syrian army from Lebanon ,even though now it is replaced by 2.8 Syrian refugees??or more?? well, you win some you lose some., C^est La VIE!!
    Now and most sadly we watched on our screens the whole if a>> James Bond scene in>> FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE<> HIS Excellency^s assassination, i hope HE won^t be just a number added to all the thousands martyred for SYRIAN cause,be it a diplomat or even a road sweeper ,both are flesh & blood like me and you,paying HIGH price(THEIR LIVES) for the others^ mistakes or wrong calculations...if so ?? this will deteriorate the situation or improve it in the near future , concerning PEACE IN SYRIA?? remains to be seen!! are we asking for a MIRACLE.?..YES WE ARE!! Regards from London/Is-HAK Barsoumian


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