Friday, March 17, 2017

Egypt's First woman governor : Do not be so happy

On Wednesday the world celebrated the International Women's Day worldwide and as the usual, our Egyptian media reminded us with all women's achievements especially in the time of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in a silly cold cliché.

Governor Nadia Abdou 
One of those achievements was in February when Nadia Abdou was appointed as the governor of Behaira governorate.
Abdou is the first woman to be appointed as a governor in the history of modern Egypt.

It is important thing indeed and the media is cheering up for the historical milestone.
As much as I know this is a historical thing but I can not get past the fact that Nadia Abdou was a member of Mubarak's former National Democratic Party "NDP" and that she won a seat in the People's Assembly in one of the most corrupted elections ever in 2010.
Abdou does not deny the fact that she was a member of the NDP. 

In fact, she claims that "three-quarters of Egypt" was NDPian during the Mubarak's role.
Either way, the NDPians are having a strong comeback whether in the parliament or government or media as we have seen lately.

She was also accused of corruption when she was a CEO of the Water company in Alexandria from 2002 to 2012 and the workers of the company started an open sit-in demanding her dismissal in 2012. 
Interestingly, she was the first Arab woman to hold such position as the CEO for a water company.
More interestingly, Abdou stated also in February that Prime Minister Sheriff Ismail offered her to become the governor of Alexandria but she rejected the offer because "the governors of Alexandria were misfortunate" and "Alexandria has got huge problems like garbage that needs a lot of time !!"

Al-Behaira is bigger in size than Alexandria and got difficult and different problems especially we got rural and industrial areas as well population that works in agriculture, fishing and industry.
Also, Al-Behaira is considered a hot spot for illegal immigration especially in the city of Rosetta if You remember.

What I am really concerned about is that Abdou may not be able to solve the governorate's problems if she follows the old ways.
Thus publicly the idea of having a true woman governor will be rejected in the future and the conservatives will welcome that without a doubt.
So far I have seen debates online about her gender aside from the Salafists. The debates are about her qualifications and her past experience mostly.
There is still hope.
Personally, I will consider having a woman governor is a true achievement and milestone in Egypt when the first woman is elected freely by the public.
I will consider having a woman governor is a true achievement when it is not really a decoration.

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