Tuesday, May 30, 2017

#Ramadan Arabian Nights 2017 : Princess Sea Pearl "Ep.1,2,3"

And the time has come to our annual date with our Egyptian Chronicles' Ramadan Arabian Nights.
It should have started from three nights but honestly, I could not post anything when my country Egypt and my fellow Egyptians are mourning.

Cairo Arabian nights-travel poster

On Saturday, at least 28 Egyptian Christians were killed in a massacre in Minya governorate by a Daesh-affiliated group in Egypt.

As a respect to the victims and their families, I decided to have an Egyptian Chronicle' National mourning for three days. This was the least thing I can do to the victims and their families.
Up till this moment, the Egyptian State has not official declared a national mourning for reasons beyond me.

Anyhow despite the grief, we will return back to the Egyptian Radio Arabian Nights to escape the dull present and find hope and solace in fantasy.

This year our tale will speak again mighty kings of the sea and their mermaid daughters who fall love as usual with a human being.

Make no mistake that our tale written by legendary Taher Abu Fasha is not the same like our tale "The Cursed lady's wall" in 2015 which was inspired by the famous Hans Christian Andersen's Little Mermaid.

So no further delay I am to present to you the tale of Princess Sea Pearl produced by the Egyptian State Radio service decades ago.

The tale was written by Taher Abu Fasha and directed by legendary Mohamed Mahmoud Shaaban. our first radio Arabian night for this year was the 373rd episode of that show.
Tonight I will share with you the first, second and third episodes.

Episode 373rd - First night

Episode 374th-Second night

Episode 375th -Third episode.

A quick synopsis of the first episodes:
King Shahryar is angry and decides to kill Scheherazade because he had enough of her tales yet the wise woman managed to trap him again into one of her tales, the tale of Sea Pearl and her father, King Mehyar of the vast sea.
We know in that episode tat Sea Pearl used to leave her kingdom and visit the human world with her nanny as humans and I think you will know the rest.
Unfortunately, this year I won't be able to continue writing the synopsis in English. I am really sorry.

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