Monday, October 9, 2017

And Egypt is heading to World Cup Russia 2018

Okay this is from the historical important moments that I love to post in my blog

Egypt has finally qualified for the World Cup Russia 2018

Yes, I need to say this again loud and clear that Egypt has been qualified for World Cup Russia 2018
After 28 years, Egyptian National Football/Soccer team succeeded reaching the World Cup since 1990 FIFA World Cup in Italy.
This is the third time for our National football team to be qualified for the World Cup.
The first time was in 1934 FIFA World Cup in Italy. We were the first African and Arab country to play in the World Cup.
It took 56 years to be qualified again in 1990 FIFA World Cup in Italy also.
This was the first football memory for me as a child. I remember that I cried a lot when Germany won the Cup and wondered why Egypt did not get it.
My family tried to explain the matter for me but I did not get it then.
Now after 28 years, Egypt is going yet again to the World Cup, this time in Russia next year.
I am now grown-up enough to know that we are not a candidate to win the World Cup itself but the honor is enough to reach the World Cup.

Mohamed Salah
Mohamed Salah "AP" 
I think I am lucky enough along millions of Egyptians to witness being qualified to the World Cup twice.

Also, the young generation is lucky enough to see our squad going to the World Cup.

Yes, I am bit emotional because I witnessed the happiness of the people first hand and how they headed to Tahrir square automatically as soon as Mohamed Salah, our golden boy scored that penalty.
One night of happiness won’t change anything of the reality we know and live but it will just give hope.

Back to Mohamed Salah, well God bless him as he made a true history for real.
Mo Salah is now the most famous Egyptian abroad and he deserves it.

A side note: The AP photographer who took unforgotten shots from the football match with Congo is photographer Nariman El-Mufti, a woman photographer. 

Salah and the rest of the squad were born after 1990 ironically except El-Hadry, our goalkeeper.
If I am not mistaken, he is by far the oldest goalkeeper so far to participate in World Cup Russia 2018.
The best goalkeeper in Africa deserves to be despite his shitty political views.

Essam El-Hadry
Essam El-Hadry and his famous dance
"Nariman El-Mufti for AP" 
This squad has got an advantage than other squads if I may say and it is our players abroad especially those who play in major leagues like the British Premier League, we got four players including Salah, El-Neny, Hegazy and Sobhi. "Sobhi played like shit in this football game"
Mo Salah
No.10 Mo Salah "Nariman El-Mufti for AP"
Seriously, I wished that Mohamed Abu Trika would be the Capitan of the squad in the World Cup. Unfortunately, the legendary ex-footballer is officially on the terrorist list which will make it hard for him to travel to Russia.
Maybe things can change in those few months in Egypt, for the better hopefully and Abu Trika will be a free man again.

Enough football talk and let’s head to Tahrir square.
I tried to head to Tahrir square to see the happy people for real and there it was already crowded.
The flags sellers had already a fruitful day since early morning.
Flags seller at Tahrir square after the game
At Tahrir square in front of the Egyptian Museum 
Many people had confidence that we are going to win because Congo squad was not strong like in the past but ironically they were strong enough in the game giving us whether team players or fans hard time !!

The security forces also blocked the way for the cars. Only people on foot were allowed to enter.
Assemblies are still crazy for the security authorities in this country.

Egyptian kids celebrate World Cup qualifications
Kids in a car celebrating the victory on October bridge 
Soon enough you could hear a helicopter hovering around major squares and streets in Cairo and Giza.
But this did not stop me from taking a couple of snapshots and video clips for the Egyptians’ happiness.

In fact, people across the world including the divided Gulf and Yemen. Egyptians and Arabs in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Kuwait united Gulf.
People were so happy across the country.
One Gulfie tweep described in the best way “We are happy because we are raised to love Egypt”
We do love Egypt.

Egyptians won’t sleep tonight and they do not care if the regime uses this victory for its own propaganda.
Tomorrow is another day. 


  1. So beautiful to see Egypt celebrating.
    Alf Mabrouk

  2. Yes Congratulation to all of Egypt. At least AbouTrika is with good company, as Cat Stevens aka Yusef Islam, was also put on the New York Terror hold list. :( .... It took a few years to get him off.


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