Thursday, November 23, 2017

Seen in Giza : Zamalek Sporting Club's board elections

Zamalek Sports Club
 One of  Zamalek Sports Club's entrances at 7 PM Cairo local time on Thursday 

Elections time in Zamalek sporting club "ZSC" as its members are going to elect their new board on Thursday and Friday according to the new sports clubs law.
The elections are not only in ZSC but in other several clubs across Cairo and Giza Governorates as well other Governorates.
Despite Sporting Clubs are considered like NGOs and the work in its board is actually a volunteer work that is done theoretically with no revenue or profit expected for it, millions "Yes !! millions" have been spent in the elections campaigns especially in Ahly SC and Zamalek SC.
I totally understand that those two clubs are the biggest when we speak about sports in general in Egypt but still !!

When we speak about Zamalek club,  we are speaking about a wacky miserable drama and I am not speaking here about its football "Soccer" team but I am speaking about its current administration and its rivals.

ZSC is headed by notorious controversial full-mouthed MP Mortada Mansour and if you know that man then you will know why I am describing what is happening there as miserable drama.
On Wednesday, it was reported that Mansour kept speaking for several hours on air in some TV channel bashing his rival Ahmed Soliman in the elections with tons and tons of papers !!
Former police officer Ahmed Soliman is no angel either. It turned out that he got a bad record of alleged abuse and tortures against prisoners during his work in the prisons sector in the Interior ministry.
Soliman spent huge amount of money in the campaign on the outdoor advertising to the level I wonder from where he got all that money in the first place

Moving to Al-Ahly Sporting Club, it will have its elections on 30 November. It is a tough competition between its current chairman Mahmoud Taher and its famous legendary ex-footballer Mahmoud El-Khatib or as commonly known in the Arab world and Egypt Bibo.

Knowing that he is running Egypt's original's football icon, Taher who is said to a multi-millionaire oil company executive launched a huge outdoor crazy campaign that you may think that he is running for Egypt's presidency and not for Al-Ahly's chair position !!

Needless to say, those elections are much more interesting and you can not predict their results easily like Egyptian Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Egypt now under the current administration.

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  1. I enjoy your posts. We don't agree on everything but for the most part they are right on the money. Would that professional journalists could report this way.


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