Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Egypt's Dabaa Nuclear Plant : Sidi Abdel Rahman is safe for now

A sidi Abdel Rahman beach

It is just safe for the time being !!!
The Sidi Abdel Rahman beaches and its crystal baby blue water and white sand have survived for the time being a nuclear apocalypse as Putin and Sisi did not sign the final agreement of Egypt’s Nuclear power plant in Dabaa, which is a couple kilometers away from Egypt's best North Coast beaches !!

They only witnessed the signing an agreement to launch work on Egypt's first nuclear plant between the Egyptian government and Russia Rosatom despite the final contract concerning the financial as well technical details have not been signed yet.

According to Mada Masr, the Egyptian government, security bodies and State council's legislative committee have got serious concerns about the Russian offer' financially and technically but President Sisi decided to ignore all those concerns !!

It turned out the Russians made a loose ambiguous contract that did not detail for example the ways to dispose of nuclear wastes !!

Historically, Al-Dabaa location was chosen as the perfect place for a Nuclear plant since the 1960s when President Nasser was alive.

Every Egyptian president since Nasser must talk about Dabaa and the dreams of having Nuclear plant and nothing has happened. Even in the short doomed rule of President Morsi, it was brought back and soon faded away.

Anyhow, I am totally against it for two reasons: The environment and the Egyptian economy. Most countries are investing in renewable environment-friendly energy sources like Solar energy. I do not need to remind you that Egypt is in a perfect place for solar energy.

Why are we going to build that nuclear plant when we are building the so-called biggest Solar energy park in the world in Aswan governorate? 

Economically, Egypt is going to $25 billion from Russia to build Dabaa Nuclear Plant with high-interest rate !! Yes, more debts for an energy that is going to be obsolete after a couple of years !!

Anyhow, I am glad that we have not signed the final agreement because it seems like an agreement from hell !!! I am so worried that this beautiful area of Egypt's North coast will be polluted and affected by that Nuclear plant.

Back to the Russian president's visit, I do not know what Vlad was doing in Egypt for real in his short visit.

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