Monday, April 23, 2018

And Mo Salah Makes football history for real

Egypt National team and Liverpool footballer Mohamed Salah aka Mo Salah has just made a true football history for real. He has just won England’s Professional Footballers’ Association “PFA” player for the year 2018.
He is the first Egyptian football player ever to win that important title.
Mo Salah with the trophy
He is also the second Arab and African football player to win that important title after Riyad Mehrez of Algeria in 2015/2017 Premier League.
Needless to say, millions of Egyptians included myself were glued and watched that boring PFA 2018 gala “with all my respect to them” only for Salah and that moment.
Salah has become the first Egyptian footballer to achieve that title again; an important and fact that can’t be ignored especially when you see his numbers with Liverpool FC.
Since joining the Reds of Liverpool, Salah scored 40 goals in 46 matches in addition to 11 assists that ended in goals.
Here are his first 30 goals with Liverpool.

He is truly an Egyptian king in football "also in charity as we have heard and known" 
I do not think any Egyptian footballer has reached that level of success in the Premier league or abroad since 1911 when Hussein Hegazy, the first Arab and African to play England joined Dulwich Hamlet.
First the PFA player of the year then Ballon D' Or.
Now millions of Egyptians are going to sleep happy.
Thanks Mo Salah for giving them happiness and hope in hard times.
Liverpool Jesus aka Mo Salah at Egypt's Spring Flowers Fair 2018
Mo Jesus Salah at Egypt's Spring Flowers Fair 2018 


  1. The other side of the story; what his future might have been if he wasn't snubbed by Zamalek in 2011?
    Salah is an Egyptian talent in world most popular sport, so he is famous, well appreciated and rewarded. There are tens of thousands of Egyptians in every field who excel and acheive in foreign countries while they didn't have a chance at home.
    In principal, there is no problem with the Egyptian talent. It is the environment, it can bring the best or the worst.

  2. >>"Some are saying that SCM decided to remove that scene because there was some sort of meme with sexual innuendo."

    I don't know if it has to do with any meme, but the dude appears to be trying to look up her skirt. Now that I look closer, the entire crowd was straining to look up her skirt, seemingly! That must be what they don't like.

    (You mis-spelled "principles", btw. I always get those wrong myself.)


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