Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hisham Geneina Saga goes on : Former Egypt’s top auditor sentenced 5 years in prison

Egypt’s former top auditor Hisham Geneina was sentenced on Tuesday to 5 years in jail in a Cairo military trial in a sad twist in his tale.
Hisham Geneina
Hisham Geneina in a file photo from a previous trial at
State Council 
The former top auditor was found guilty of spreading false news about the Egyptian armed forces and the country in his Huffington Post Arabic edition interview following his attack. “The website has closed down as Arianne Huffington decided to lease as it seems to some Saudi affiliated company as I have heard

Moataz Wadnan, the journalist who conducted the interview with him is also detained pending investigation.
Geneina is able to appeal the verdict before a military appeals court. Nevertheless, I believe no civilian should stand a military trial like this for charges like these.
I think he has one chance to appeal.

The Geneinas hired the devil advocate Farid El-Deeb, the infamous attorney who defended Mubarak and his cronies in front of courts in the past years.
Hisham Geneina himself did not know about his family’s decision except when he asked what the infamous lawyer was doing in court.
El-Deeb is an infamous lawyer but he is also a good lawyer. Geneina’s family thought that hiring could help the former top auditor but little did they know !!
Now Hisham Geneina is the latest member of the famous 2005 Reformist judges bloc to be humiliated if not punished.
Geneina’s family has complained that he did not receive proper medical treatment in his detention as he is still suffering from the injuries he got from that attack in January.

Former Egyptian armed forces Chief-of-staff Sami Anan is still detained pending investigation for forgery charges for four extra days. He was acquitted of violating military laws charge.
There are rumors spreading that he may get released soon.
I do not know why I disbelieve those rumors.
I really feel sad for Geneina and Anan who seemed to be naïve enough to stand the current regime in that way with Plan B. 

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