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Palestine’s Great March of Return : Why Have Not I seen this image in mainstream media ?“+18”

I am sorry for the extremely graphic photos in that post.
Since 30 March 2018, Palestinians launched a-six-weekend protests at the Palestinian-Israeli borders in Gaza.
This series of protests which is named “Great March of Return” was organized by an independent group of activists originally to represent the plea of Palestinian refugees who were forced to leave their homes in 1948 and live in Gaza or in another words to commemorate the anniversary of the Palestinians’ forced displacement in 1948 on the hands of the Zionist terrorist gangs.
The Palestinian protesters at the Great March of Return
The Palestinian protesters at the Great March of Return "AFP" 
The aim of the Great March of Return is to remind the world especially those leaders in the Middle East who are advocating the so-called ambiguous “The deal of the century” to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict that there is a Palestinian right called “Right of Return”.
Jerusalem is not the only the obstacle in the Mideast peace process as there are 7 million Palestinian refugees worldwide according to Al-Awda, the Palestinian right to return coalition.
Those refugees want to return home, they do not want any more displacement. Their home is currently Israel.
The protests were later supported and endorsed by Hamas of Gaza as well Fatah of West Bank because they simply could not say no to the Palestinian public especially youth in the besieged sector.
Other Palestinian political and militant groups have endorsed and supported the movement, which is the biggest so far.
IDF trying to disperse the march and the protests at the borders with Gaza
The great March of return attacked by tear gases
Despite the protests have been peaceful so far as we are speaking about stone-throwing youth whom cannot be categorized as militant, Israel met those protests with its usual deadly brutality.
The Israeli IDF has killed so far 45 people since the start of protests on 30 March.
Among the victims, there are teenagers and journalists who wore their protective vast with the word “Press” inscribed on them crystal clear.
There are 2 journalists who have been killed in the protests along with 4 children. According to statistics released by Palestinian NGOs and centers, there have been 35 protesters that were killed while protesting in marches and not standing at the borders.
Among those 45 people, a Palestinian young man who was shot down by a tear gas canister into his face.
Injured Palestinian protester
Abdel Latif and the tear gas canister in his face "Facebook" 
That young man's name is Hatem Abdel Latif and he was 20 years old
Those photos reminded me with the gruesome photos that appeared at the beginning of the Syrian revolution in 2011 when Basher Al-Assad’s forces were trying to end the wave of protests using crazy weapons against peaceful protesters.
There is no difference between IDF and Al-Assad’s army regardless of that fancy propaganda made by Israel
The photo of that young man lying down with the canister in his face is hunting me.
The young man with tear gas canister in his face
The size of the canister and the injury that led to Abdel Latif's death
Unfortunately, I have not seen it featured in the mainstream media as it should wake the world up. I only have seen it on the social media.
So far 3650 protesters have been injured including 665 minors, 128 women, 30 medics and 30 journalists !! 
Among those 3650, there are 1933 people who have been shot down by live ammunition.
Oh yes, the most ethical army in the Middle East is once again using live ammunition against protesters.

 I have seen in the mainstream is victim-blaming-words wondering in the most disgusting way on why the Palestinian refugees went too close to the borders with Israel !!
Nobody dared to ask in the mainstream media especially in the West on why IDF is using all that force against Palestinian protesters.
Amnesty International has called for a comprehensive arms embargo on Israel. Ironically, neither the League of Arab states nor the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has called for such embargo.

There is nothing new in that as the Palestinians were all blamed in everything they do.
The world always says never again but it always fails again and again.
The Palestinians, they have tried every way to end their misery.
They held the gun and they were called terrorists. They also signed a peace agreement that proven to be just useless ink on papers and they were also called terrorists.
They tried peaceful protests and they are also called terrorists.

I do not know what the Palestinians should do honestly but I know those protests every weekend showed that the Palestinians cannot be controlled by Fatah or Hamas or any pathetic Arab government or regime.


  1. What was taken by Force
    Has to be Returned by Force
    There is No other way.
    Inshaa Allah by the Hands of
    The Honest Arabs and Palestinians

  2. Zeinobia, thanks for covering it. When I was studying in Egypt, we would have been extremely interested in this .. and yet now, it seems the govt. is discouraging pro-Palestinian feeling. Wonder why.

  3. Concerned expat5/01/2018 07:55:00 AM

    What about Jewish refugees from Egypt? What had they done to be expelled from the country where they, and their parents, had been born? Why were their property taken? I am sure you won't publish this but think about it.

  4. The photo of that young man lying down with the canister in his face is hunting me.

    It made me sick to my stomach.

    (PS I hope it's only "haunting" you, not actually "hunting"!)


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